Which American City Should You Explore?

America's Top Cities: New York City

With over 50 states and almost 20,000 towns and cities, it’s impossible to explore North America even within a lifetime. But some places truly stand out, and whether you’re looking to spend a weekend or settle down, there’s a city for everyone here. We’ve listed some of the top cities to check out for your next trip!

The History Buff: Boston

America's Top Cities: Boston
America’s Top Cities: Boston

For a different kind of history lesson, head to New England and glimpse the America before America. As a major site during the revolution, Boston is filled with historic sites and interactive tours like this Boston Tea Party Experience. Home to some of the country’s premier universities, we actually found ourselves missing the back to school rush the moment we stepped into Harvard. Explore the famous Boston Freedom Trail, see quaint colonial-style neighborhoods, and bask in the stunning fall foliage.

The Artsy One: Chicago

America's Top Cities: Chicago
America’s Top Cities: Chicago

For all its notoriously cold weather, Chicago is a hot bet for art and culture. As the city that gave birth to the skyscraper, Chicago has some of the most stunning city skylines and some of America’s most iconic buildings. Catch a one-of-a-kind Chicago River Architecture Cruise, before setting on foot to see the city’s countless museums and art galleries. And once the weather starts to perk up? Catch a sky show at the Adler Planetarium, and have a bite of the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza.

The Outdoorsy One: Arizona

America's Top Destinations: The Grand Canyon
[/media-credit] America’s Top Destinations: The Grand Canyon

Trying your luck at the glamorous Las Vegas, then take it slow and easy and reconnect with nature. And yes, we know we’re cheating here since Arizona isn’t just ‘one city.’ But every year, travelers flock to this state and are absolutely floored by the desert attractions. Hike the scenic trails of Sedona, then enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell. And of course: visit the Grand Canyon. No matter how many pictures you see in textbooks or friends in social media, nothing quite compares to seeing this geological beauty in person.

Save yourself the stress of planning a trip, and book this scenic 4 Day Tour from KKday where you can see Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon with a convenient pick-up from San Francisco or Los Angeles. Or check out our other Arizona tours here.

The Kid at Heart: Orlando, Florida

America's Top Cities; Orlando
[/media-credit] America’s Top Cities; Orlando

With over a dozen theme parks, Orlando is Kid Capital. With household names such as Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios, to fantasy lands like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Legoland, this city has everything a kid could want, and more. Experience thrilling rides, see your favorite characters come to life, and treat yourself to all your favorite theme park snacks!

The City Gal: New York City

America's Top Cities: New York City
America’s Top Cities: New York City

We’ve seen endless travel guides listing New York City as the number one city to see—and we couldn’t agree more. With high-risers like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building,  larger than life Broadway Shows, and all the street-level surprises in between, no time in NYC will ever feel like enough. Make the most of your vacation time with KKday’s exclusive New York City Pass, that gives you instant access to over 80 of the city’s top sights and attractions.