Real-life Haunted Places in Asia

Chibichiri Cave Okinawa Japan

We know what makes a good scare—whether it’s the terrifying encounter with the 7 Deadly Sins at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Night, or a look into history’s most notorious serial killer. This Halloween, we’ve got  a lot of tricks up our sleeves and to start off, here are Asia’s Most Haunted Places.


Chibichiri Cave, Okinawa, Japan

Haunted Halloween in Okinawa, Japan: Chibichiri Cave
Haunted Halloween in Okinawa, Japan: Chibichiri Cave

Japan has lots of somber memorials from the war, like the Hiroshima Memorial.The Battle of Okinawa left behind a number of haunted caves and when the Japanese lost the war, they were told to kill themselves rather than surrender to the Americans. So many soldiers—and even civilians—took this to heart and killed themselves in the Okinawa caves. Today the skull sculptures are kept as a memorial of the war, and a number of visitors come to pray for family members. But the claustrophobic caves and skulls protruding from the walls continue to be a harrowing sight.

Gonjian Psychiatric Hospital, South Korea

Haunted Halloween: Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Haunted Halloween: Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital (123RF/Vincent St. Thomas)

Up until 1995, the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital was a fully functioning asylum. But after a number of mysterious deaths that authorities could not pinpoint, it was forced to shut down. In the last twenty years since its closure, the building—together with the hospital beds and equipment—have rotted nastily, leaving a haunting look to passerby today.

Many have claimed they can still hear disembodied cries through the cracked windows. The grounds have been closed off to the public since the hospital was shut down, but a number of thrill-seekers find a way to sneak in and explore.

Tak Tak School, Hong Kong

This old abandoned school have earned a notorious reputation for being the most haunted place in Hong Kong. It’s built on a mass grave where local residents were killed by the British for resisting eviction. When the school closed in 1998, a rumour went around that the headmistress hanged herself in the girl’s toilet which wearing a red dress dress—thus spinning stories of a red-clothed spirit wandering the grounds. Until now, the school is the source of many stories of paranormal activities.

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Haunted Halloween in Indonesia: Lawang Sewu
Haunted Halloween in Indonesia: Lawang Sewu

Apart from great Bali Beaches, Indonesia has a few other secrets. The building may look like any other old building, but Lawang Sewu, which was built during the Dutch occupation, is rife with tragedy. During its early days, the building was already tainted with stories of headless ghosts and paranormal activity, the most famous one of a Dutch woman committing suicide.

But its most infamous event was during World War II, when it became an actual battleground. Indonesia and Japanese troops clashed right at this site, and supposedly a number of soldiers were held captive and tortured within Lawang Sewu’s walls.

Clark Hospital, Philippines

Clark Air Base after Mt. Pinatubo's eruption
The Clark Air Base following Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption. This led to the the hospital closing down.

This former US Army Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers. During World War II and the Vietnam War, it served as an asylum for the injured and dying troops. Because it was a war-time hospital, many of these deaths were violent and brutal. The hospital was abandoned following the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, but locals say you can still see and hear the screams of the spirits.