Your Ultimate Guide to Taiwan: The Flip Flop Hostel

Ultimate Guide Taiwan Flip Flop Hostel

Travelers know just how important—and difficult— it is to find the right accommodations for your trip. And while every hotel and hostel will claim to be “the perfect place to stay,” only a handful truly deliver.

Luckily, the KKday team has got your back and our team of seasoned travelers all recommend checking in at the Flip Flop Hostel, one of Taiwan’s all-time, top-rated hostels. Here’s a couple of reasons why Flip Flop Hostel is our pick for Taiwan accommodations.


Flip Flop Hostel is conveniently located right by Taipei Main Station, the city’s central transportation hub. Take advantage of Taiwan’s enviable High Speed Rail system, which can take you all over the country and back. Whether you’re just headed for Taipei 101 or all the way to Taroko Gorge, you can crash here at the end of a long day.

Taiwan Accommodations: Flip Flop Hostel location
Flip Flop Hostel lies at the Zhongzheng District, 5 minutes away from Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station also has shuttle services from the Taoyuan International Airport, so you don’t have to worry about checking in with after a late night flight.


Gone are the days where backpackers had to settle for dingy hostels that give you no privacy. Flip Flop Hostel was made for the backpacker and offers clean and comfortable dormitory-style bed space. If you’re traveling with a small group, or just prefer to have more privacy, you can also book an affordable solo room.

Taiwan Accommodations: Flip Flop Hostel Dormitory Room
Flip Flop Hostel: Dormitory Room

Don’t pay outrageous prices for comfort and convenience; Flip Flop Hostel comes with everything you’ll need. Apart from air-conditioned rooms and hot water showers, each guest has access to a pantry, WiFi, and a public computer. For a very small fee, guests can also do their laundry.

Flip Flop Hostel: Kitchen and Pantry
Enjoy the convenience of the common area ammenities.


Flip Flop Hostel: Common Area
Flip Flop Hostel was designed to be fun, young, and modern.

Who said hostels had to look boring and stuffy? Flip Flop Hostel has nailed the fun, adventurous, millennial spirit with its bright colors, modern design, and open spaces. Travelers find that rare sweet spot of feeling at home, and exploring something new.


For all its great facilities, Flip Flop Hostel comes out very affordable. Bedspace in a room for 6 is 600 NTD (roughly 1,000 Php), while a private double room is 1,700 NTD (roughly 2,300 Php). To give you a better picture, the average price of a room in this area is around 1,700 NTD (or 2,860 Php).


But Flip Flop Hostel’s biggest draw to travelers is its philosophy and community. The team behind Flip Flop happily tell us, “Put on a pair of flip-flops at any time and the whole world is at your feet…Flip-flops is a lifestyle. Leave behind all your worries and travel carefree on this and every journey.”

Flip Flop Hostel Community and Common Area
It’s easy to make friends with strangers and fellow travelers at Flip Flop Hostel

From the friendly and helpful staff to the different backpackers and travelers you’ll meet during your stay, your stay at Flip Flop will be a memorable experience in itself. Book your stay with Flip Flop Hostel today!

Flip Flop Hostel: Common Area
The Flip Flop lifestyle is all about leaving your worries behind to go out and explore the world.

Keep tuning in to our Guide to Taiwan series for more tips, tricks, and insider information!