Go beyond Seoul and explore Gangwon Province

Gangwon Province

Don’t limit your trip to Korea by just staying inside Seoul. Spend a day experiencing the charms of rural Korea by heading to Gangwon Province. Just one one hour away from Seoul, you pedal along a train line, pretend you’re in France, and get lost in a forest.

Gangchon Rail Park

Gangwon Province: Gangchon Rail Park
GANGWON PROVINCE: Gangchon Rail Park

70 years ago, passengers on the Mugunghwa Train just zipped past the lush landscapes. Now you can take your time and enjoy the country side as you pedal along the rail tracks of the now-defunct line. Drink in the fresh air, clear skies, and the enchanting view of the Bukhangang River.

Petite France

Petite France (The Little Prince)

For Francophiles, be sure to visit Petite France. This quaint French cultural village lets visitors eat French cuisine, enjoy a traditional European puppet show, and listen to a 200-year-old-music box. Did you read and love ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine Saint-Exupery? There’s an entire Memorial hall dedicated to the author and the space-traveling Prince.

Nami Island

Gangwon Province: Nami Island

Escape the urban rush of Seoul and make your way to Nami Island. KDrama fans may recognize the small island from Winter Sonata, but even non-fans will appreciate the breathtaking forestry. With its charming pinks in spring, or the warm reds of fall, Nami Island is a year-round stunning natural attraction.