Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast

It is easy to have a fun day out in the city of Brisbane and even more so in the sunny isle of Gold Coast.  There are just so many exciting activities in Brisbane you can do to fill your days. Be it an adventurous outdoor pursuit or a cool indoor excursion, you’ll make momentous memories with these activities. So come, take a look at the list below for inspiration on your great day out!


The River City is waiting for you to explore. It’s beautiful cliffs and river add to its natural appeal and landscape for more outdoor activities. As the capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane is the epitome of Queensland magnificence with its warm sunlight, mild weather, and metropolitan fun.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb
Climb the iconic Story Bridge - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Story Bridge Adventure Climb website

Visit Brisbane’s most famous bridge to get an eagle eyed view of this beautiful river city. Take a step out of your comfort zone to climb this structure and be rewarded with one of the best views in the city. There is definitely something to be said about activities in Brisbane with such generous rewards.

You can choose to make this trek at three different times a day for three vastly different views. During the day, you will enjoy a clear, sparkling unobstructed outlook of the city and beyond. However, as the sun starts to set, the warm orange sky lends a romantic hue to the landscape, giving one a pleasant fuzzy feeling. A night climb is almost a journey up to the sky, overlooking a land of twinkling lights.

If you’re really up to the challenge, you can opt to do the climb with the cantilever lean out or choose to walk a plank at the peak! No matter how you choose to enjoy this attraction, you’ll know you’ll be making some awesome memories on the climb.

Sirromet Winery Tour and Tasting
Stroll through Mount Cotton Vineyards - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Sirromet website

Are you a wine lover? This Sirromet Wine Tasting Tour is just for you. Take a trip into the the Mount Cotton Winery to get an intricate look at how this nectar of the Gods is made. Learn the history of this popular wine brand and how it started as a family venture. Finally, to the moment you have all been waiting for, the wine tasting! Sample six of their delectable wines and find out more about their range.

Afterwhich, you can choose to dine right at the site on the Tuscan Terrace. Lunch on the deck as you watch the fig trees billowing in the sea breeze from the nearby Moreton Bay. Dine on deliciously moreish warm foods as you sip on more of their premium wines. As such, if you are after indulgent activities in Brisbane, Sirromet Winery Tour and Tasting is just the one.

Kayak the Brisbane River and take in all the sights - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Riverlife website

Brisbane is a city with a river and cliffs and Riverlife has smartly used its natural resources to create many a fun adventure. For that reason, you will never be stuck for activities in Brisbane. Try your hand at kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, laser tag, or e-biking. Paddling your way along the Brisbane River is one of the best ways to explore the city and its riverside neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, step into the natural beauty of Kangaroo Point as you climb one of its steep cliffs. Make your way to the top and peer over the river to the city on the other side. On the other hand, you could always take a step off the cliffs and abseil down to the Kangaroo Point Parklands below. On a trip with your friends? Throw in a rousing game of laser tag in the beautiful Kangaroo Parklands. Just remember to keep your mind on the battle and not get distracted by the park’s natural wonder.

There are more to do in Brisbane and Riverlife is right there to rent you the equipment to do so.

Brewery Tours
Hop from brewery to brewery with Hop On tours - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Hop On Brewery Tours website

Who does not love a day of beers and friendship? The Best of Brisbane tour takes you around the city to experience boutique breweries around the city, giving you an insight into the beer brewing process. Explore the boutique breweries dotted around the city and expand your palate on the various lagers and ales.

Why stop at the Brisbane establishments? Hop On Tours offer tours to Brisbane distilleries, breweries in Gold Coast, North and South of the city. You will certainly be spoilt for choice if you’re after some boozing activities in Brisbane. Furthermore, add axe throwing (what could possibly go wrong) to your booze tour to really liven things up. This is in addition to axe throwing, you can go sleuthing, karting, boating, VR gaming and more! After all, all things fun gets more fun with booze, does it not?

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is Australian for all things fun. Water sports, beach sports, extravagance, theme parks, you name it! If you’ve come to play, then you’re in the right place. You’ll definitely not find a boring moment in the Gold Coast.

Theme Park Combo

Gold Coast is the Australian home of all things theme park so it only makes sense that we visit as many as you can. Introducing the Theme Park Combo tickets, giving you the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck and the most screams for your excitement. So take a few days off cause you’ll absolutely want to include these activities in Brisbane.

Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
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Warner Brothers Movie World
Its thrill rides galore at Movie World - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. Move World needs no introduction. A hot bed of thrilling rides, beloved screen characters, and exciting shows, you will have a whale of a time exploring this beloved theme park. Don’t miss the chance to rub shoulders with Batman and some of your childhood favourites, not to mention checkout the Batmobile.

Moreover, the park is packed with exciting hair-raising rides meant to send your heart into your throat. Certainly can’t miss that. The Warner Bros. Movie World in Gold Coast is a must-go attraction.

Paradise Country
KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
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Learn what it takes to keep an Australian animal farm running. You will want to watch the sheep dog in its element, a stock horse in action, pan for gold and mine for opals. Be prepared for an enjoyable yet varied experience when you visit this animal sanctuary with a difference.  Take a relaxing afternoon to stroll through the grounds and interact with both the farm and native wild animals on the ground.

Sea World Marine Park
Meet a sea lion at Sea World - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
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Here is yet another iconic theme park in Gold Coast just waiting for you to visit. Sea World is well known for its focus on marine life and their stomach-churning rides. First take the time to visit with their lovely animals, then catch the spectacular shows where these animals show you what they’re capable of. Later, challenge yourself by going on as many of the rides as you can stomach. You’ll be guaranteed a fantastic day out including Sea World in your activities in Brisbane.

Wet’n’Wild Water World
Splash right in at Wet 'n' Wild - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Wet ‘n’ Wild

Are you ready for a splashing good time? Choose to spend a sunny day whizzing down the gigantic slides of Wet’n’Wild God Coast. It is everyone’s inner child’s pool party dream come true (well, almost). Boasting more than ten thrilling slides and rides, in addition to other water and pool fun, you will be exhausted and pruny before the day is out. Indulge your amphibious nature at Wet’n’Wild.

JetBoat Extreme
There's no boating like jet boating - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Jetboat Extreme website

Can you think of a more exciting way to see the coastline sights of Gold Coast? Hop into a jet boat and speed off on the most blood-pumping tour you’ve ever taken. Flooring you with sharp turns and unexpected twists, the experience is certainly not for the faint of heart. The speedboat captain will not only entertain you with  local facts and anecdotes, he’ll take you on a ride you won’t soon forget.

Speeding an adrenaline-filled 55 minutes cruising the Broadwater and Moreton Bay as you take in the city scape, and a peek at how the rich and famous live. Get flung about in the midst of waterside mansions and luxury yachts. This is one of the activities in Brisbane you really do not want to miss. Pro tip: bring a towel and a water proof case for your phone.

Surfers Paradies Skydive
Fall from a helicopter over Surfers Paradise - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Skydive Australia website

Calling all adrenaline junkies, this is the one for you! How do you feel about tandem skydiving from a helicopter, 10,000 feet in the air over Surfers Paradise? Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! Its you, falling through the air at break-neck speeds! Fret not, however, you will be strapped to an experienced instructor, with a premium, functioning parachute.

Talk about seeing things from a different angle! You cannot miss this if you are on the look out for once-in-a-lifetime activities in Brisbane. It is a guaranteed stomach-in-mouth, giddy-laughing, unforgettable experience.

Water Sports
Live your hoverboarding dreams at the Gold Coast - KKDay Fun Day Out: Spectacular Activities in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Gold Coast Watersports Facebook page

What is the one activity you are guaranteed of at a popular beachside town? Water sports! Take excitement up a notch with Gold Coast Watersports. Whether you want to do jet skiing, parasailing, or fly boarding, Gold Coast Watersports will set you up.

Rent a jet ski for a quick turn in the water, or join a tour to control your own sight seeing experience. Better yet, if you need to feel the wind in your hair as you take off to the skies, parasailing might just be for you. glide high above the water as you are pulled along by a speedboat. Lastly, strap on a fly board and take water sports to a whole new level. Literally. Release your inner Marty Mcfly and take to the air.

Surfers Paradise is truly the place to go for water activities in Brisbane.


Fun times await you at Brisbane and Gold Coast. Leave your inhibitions behind as you take on brave new challenges. You can be certain that thrilling adventures await are you explore these iconic Queensland locations. However, before you go, remember to head to KKDay for deals to make your trip both exhilarating and affordable!