Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Activities in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city with so many options for play and fun. Be it catching a show, relaxing at a hot springs, or go-karting, you will be spoilt for choice at the number of activities in Melbourne. So take a day out, explore, and make some wholesome memories of your time in this fabulous city.

Sovereign Hill

Relive the Gold Rush Era at Sovereign Hill - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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Sovereign Hill in the Ballarat region of Melbourne is a reproduction of 1850’s Gold Rush era Ballarat. Take a 90 minute drive down from Melbourne to discover the life of yesteryear. You can choose to pan for gold, go back to school in an old school house, and even learn how to harness a horse! These are some of the activities which are available daily regardless of the season.

The team at Sovereign Hill creates events according to the season, so visiting the site at different times throughout the year will provide you with different experiences. For that reason, no two visits to this attraction will be the same.  As such, if you want to try your hand at old times activities in Melbourne, head to Sovereign Hill.


Melbourne Skydive

Fall through the sky over Melbourne with SkyDive Australia - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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Some love the adrenaline rush, some want to test themselves, and some just love feeling the wind in their hair. Located at St Kilda, a short 15 minutes from the city, the team at SkyDive Australia will take you up 15,000 feet into the air before “kicking” you out of the plane. Remember to keep your eyes open as you are falling to take in the beautiful coastline, the nearby city and even Port Phillip Bay.

Your safety is paramount and the focus of SkyDive Australia. As such, you’ll be strapped on to an experienced skydiving instructor (with a working parachute) as you make your way back down to the ground. Therefore, just relax and enjoy this blood-pumping experience. Of all the activities in Melbourne, this one will definitely need you to have you bravery pants on.


The Phantom of the Opera

Enjoy the classic Phantom at the Arts Centre - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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Some musicals are classics for a reason and The Phantom of the Opera is one such example. The new season run of this outstanding show begins at the end of October 2022 at the Arts Centre Melbourne. Listen to well-known songs such as “Music of the Night” and “Think of Me”. This musical is one of the  must-see activities in Mebourne this Spring.

The show in Melbourne is headed by Josh Piterman and Amy Manford, who also headed the run in London’s West End. Their chemistry on stage will enhance the already potent story of the musical genius and his star. More than that, the Arts Centre has various exhibitions throughout the building, such as the Australian Music Vault and the Checkpoint.


Manu Koala and Animal Park

Get up close to the dingos at Maru Koala and Animal Park - -KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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Maru Koala and Animal Park is not just another animal sanctuary. Granted, Australia is big on animal conservation and as such, boasts of countless sanctuaries and wildlife refuges. However, Maru Park not only provides a safe environment for Australian wildlife, it also has a mini golf course on-site. Thus making it one of the more unique animal-centric activities in Melbourne.

In addition to being an interesting attraction, the park is located just 15 minutes from Phillip Island, a longer 90 minutes from Melbourne city. This means you can make this a quick stop over on your way to catch the penguins on Phillip Island. Take a stroll round the grounds to meet with our delightful native Australian animals before venturing into the crazy fun world of mini golfing. Challenge yourself for all 18 holes in this pirate-themed course.


Fishing and Beer Tasting Day Tour

What could be better than spending the say fishing and drinking beer? - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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If you have a full day available and are wanting to find more things to do in Melbourne, take a trip down to Port Phillip Bay for some fishing and beer tasting. Your day starts early, at 5:30 in the morning, when you’ll be picked up from the city. You’ll then be taken down to Port Phillip Bay where a fishing vessel awaits, full of bait and gear, ready to take you to catch some fish!

Follow the morning of fishing with a delicious lunch at the local brewery. Accompanying the lunch platter is the long awaited and well-deserved beer tasting. However, that is not the end of the day. Finish up by heading to yet another brewery for more beer tasting (could it be guzzling by now?) and beer school. Thankfully, there is a transfer back into Melbourne for your blissfully tipsy self, where you and end the day with yet more scrumptious food from one of Melbourne’s many restaurants.


Indoor Go-Karting

give in to your need for speed at Auscarts - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
via Auscarts Melbourne website

Take your lead foot and your need for speed straight to Auscarts in Port Melbourne, a very quick seven minutes from the city. Do laps of their 450 metre indoor track, zooming through their many twists and turns. Put the pedal to the metal and challenge yourself to pushing the go-karts up to their maximum of 55km/h.

Challenge yourself or compete with your friends, you can select sessions from 15 to 40 minutes. You can even let your competitive self out and ask the Auscarts team for pointers to circle the track faster. Not only will you improve your driving, you can proof that you’re the best driver amongst your friends. If you’re after truly fun-filled activities in Melbourne, look no further than Auscarts Melbourne.


Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

rest and relax in the Peninsula hot springs - KKDay Amazing Day Out Ideas: Epic Things to Do in Melbourne
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Have you ever been a on a vacation only to return more tired than before you left? Take a day out of your busy schedule and head to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs for a day to relax and recharge. You will be spoiled senseless as your luxuriate in one of their baths, or nourish your bodies with one of their spa treatments.

After a relaxing morning at the hot springs, enjoy a rustic lunch at the local farm pair with some delectable wine. Alternatively, hop on to the Arthur’s Seat Gondola for a quick ride, or sneak a treat from the Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie. There is no more relaxing activities in Melbourne than to spend precious hours at the hot springs.


There isn’t much you can’t do as a solo traveller in Melbourne. Whether you are taking time out or spending quality time with your mates, you’ll never get bored on your trip. Be sure to head to KKDay to check out the other attractions that will make your holiday unforgettable.