Surfing Spots You Must Check Out In The Gold Coast

Ready, set, and surf towards an epic adventure on the Gold Coast! Whether you’re just a beginner surfer or a pro, find the best spot to catch waves in this coastal city in Queensland, Australia. Gold Coast is the go-to destination for beach activities–from swimming to snorkeling, and surfing. Surfing spots abound in this city, and here’s your guide to where the waves are. 



Image by Tim Sackton via Flickr

Laidback and chill would be the perfect words to describe Broadbeach. This white sand beach destination is known for its yoga classes, local markets, picnic parks, and surf lessons. It’s known for clean, surfable waves consistent in its winter season in July. Waves here are beginner-friendly, and ideal for a quick and safe surfing lesson. Best to come here early to avoid the wind. 


Currumbin Alley

Image by David McKelvey via Flickr

This surf break is famous for having waves that wrap around the point going to the creek. It’s also a favorite spot for surfers of any skill level, thanks to its mellow waves. For those with zero experience in surfing, you’re in the right place. The Currumbin Alley has surf schools that offer private lessons, surfing challenges, and group experiences. No matter how old or young you are, you’ll find the perfect surf school here for you, all year round. 



Surfers Paradise

Image by John on Flickr

It isn’t named Surfers Paradise for nothing. This iconic surf destination has been around since the 1920s. Surfers Paradise has seen every surfer and beachgoer come to play. Millions of tourists visit this paradise to ride the waves, especially in December. This sandy long beach has been consistently awarded as one of the best beaches on the East Coast. Aside from surfing, this famous beach is a lively entertainment hub especially come nighttime.




Rainbow Bay

Image by Rob Deutscher via Flickr

Rainbow Bay is another surfing spot on the Gold Coast that’s popular for swimming and surfing. Intermediate surfers love to hit the waves here because it’s a place to advance their skills, thanks to Rainbow Bay’s surfable swells. For pro surfers, this spot is known for having one of the longest right-handers in the world. Aside from the waves, you get a fantastic view of the arc–plus, you may be able to meet some of the world’s best surfers here, too!



South Stradbroke Island

Image by Chloe Wilson via

This offshore island is a break away from the touristy beaches of the Gold Coast. You can only access this by boat, water taxi, or kayak since it’s in a secluded location. This unspoiled surfing location is known for its consistent swells with wind direction coming from the west. Check The Other Side also known as TOS, for the best surfing point at the island’s southernmost tip. Pro surfers love this point for the challenging waves. 



Burleigh Heads

Image by Michael Dawes via Flickr

Traveling during the winter season? Head to Burleigh Heads where the best waves are. It’s one of the favorites among surfers, thanks to good swells at all tide stages. Its clean waves are found mostly during the winter season. Beginners, intermediate, and pro surfers can enjoy surfing at this point. Not in the mood to surf? It’s a known location for coffee, too. 



Main Beach

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Come to the Main Beach and experience their open shore break when surfing! The Main Beach is the main surfing beach in Southport. Though famous for being a surfer’s destination, it’s also home to many high-end hotels, theme parks, and restaurants. Tourists love going here for the myriad of entertainment options to do here. It’s also home to Southport Surf Life Saving Club, which produced many award-winning surfers, thanks to their excellent training programs.

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