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Getting Around NSW: The Essentials

New South Wales is relatively easy to navigate. The state provides different transportation options so that getting around the city is a breeze. Be a well-prepared traveler and know the important stuff beforehand to travel around NSW hassle-free!

Public Transportation

By metro

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Riding the metro is one of the easiest ways to get around NSW. It’s fast, safe, and convenient all thanks to its frequent services. Currently, the metro stops in 13 stations. To ride a metro, you’ll need an Opal card, or you may also pay via contactless credit, debit card, or mobile device. 

The metro runs from Tallawong to Chatswood, with several stops in between. You may check this route map to see each stop and platform. 

How to pay: Buy your own Opal card to save yourself from the hassle of commuting. You can buy these from retailers or convenience stores. An Opal card is free, but you need to top up for a minimum of $20 for an adult card and $10 for a child card. 


By bus

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Another option to get around NSW is by bus. There are several busways in Sydney that can take you around the Northern beaches. You can go to Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and Newcastle via bus, as well as Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Illawarra, up to the South Coast, and Southern Highlands. If you plan to stay late, night rides are available too from 12 midnight to 4:30 am, when trains aren’t operational.

How to pay: Opal-enabled buses accept payments via an Opal card or through credit or debit cards. You may also opt to pay in cash or buy Opal single bus tickets from the driver. 


By taxi (point-to-point transport)

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If you want to decide on the route you want to take at your preferred time, take a taxi cab instead. To get a taxi, you can hail one from the roadside or wait in a taxi lane. You can also call 131008 to connect to a taxi company near you or book online. There are also ride-hailing apps available. Getting around via taxi would be the most convenient for tourists, as it can take you from point to point. 

How to pay: Like taxis in other countries, cabs in NSW use a metered system to calculate the fare. However, there may be extra fees such as toll fees, airport pick-ups, or late-night services. You may pay your taxi fare via cash or debit and credit cards. 


By private charter

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If you feel like spending extra for more comfort and convenience, get a private charter. You can choose a car brand for your private luxury vehicle that comes with a driver. It’s an ideal transport option for travelers in large groups, as luxury vans are available to seat up to 13 people. Package options are also available for those who want to join a guided tour too.


By ferry

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This transport option should definitely be on your bucket list. Not only will ferries take you to places, but it’s also a fun way to escape traffic. But like most transport options, ferries depart at a certain time and stop at certain places. Make sure to check timetables to know what time you should arrive at the wharf.

Tip: familiarize yourself with the codes they use for each service. If you plan to go on a wildlife adventure in the zoo, it’s F2 for Taronga Zoo. 

How to pay: You may pay your ferry fare via Opal card, Opal single trip ticket, or contactless payments. 


By light rail

via Future Transport NSW

Roaming around Sydney is more convenient when you take the light rail. This light rail services in the metro and CBD with regular services daily. You can take the Sydney Light Rail, which traverses Dulwich, Randwick, and Kingsford lines, while the Newcastle Light Rail takes you to stops like Crown Street or Queens Wharf. Light rails operate either until midnight or 1 am, so make sure to check Trip Planner to schedule your trip. 

How to pay: You may pay via Opal card or contactless payments via debit or credit cards. 


By train

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Aside from the metro and light rail, there are trains available in NSW. You can find one that travels around Sydney, and there’s also the Intercity Trains which go to the Blue Mountains or the South Coast. Take the regional trains to go to other parts of Australia such as Melbourne. 

What you need: NSW TrainLink. You can only pay via Opal in Sydney or intercity trains. But for regional services, you need an NSW TrainLink. It lets you travel by train or coach to more than 365 destinations in Australia. You can choose economy or first class, and book your seat in advance. 




It’s important to stay connected all throughout your NSW trip. That’ll help you book a ride, check transportation timetables, and browse information. Here are some connectivity options you can get from Sydney, aside from free WiFi in several areas in the metro. 

Prepaid SIM card

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You can buy 3G or 4G SIM cards for your connectivity in Australia. Use this to call or text as you choose which data plan fits your lifestyle. If you plan to stay longer, choose 150 GB which gives you 84 days validity. You can also use this to call abroad. Don’t know where to purchase one? You can have it delivered to your doorstep. 



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It’s better to have an eSIM to be connected 24/7 while you’re in Australia. You can also use this to book a ride or make texts and calls while you’re in the country. No need for tiny SIM cards that might get lost. It’s easy to install and activate, plus you can choose a data limit of up to 10 GB. You just need to make sure that it’s compatible with your mobile device.


4G WiFi device

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For those who prefer having a device, you can also rent one. Get fast internet with a 4G WiFi device with unlimited data. You can connect up to 5 devices here, ideal for traveling families. You just need to charge it for four hours once the battery drains. After using it, you just need to return the device within seven days after your travel date ends. 


Make your NSW trip as convenient as possible by planning ahead! Find transportation and WiFi/SIM items you can get via KKDay