3D2N Hoi An Itinerary

Hoi An offers diverse cultural experiences, scenic attractions, and everything in between. There’s just so much to do in this historic city that’ll get you exploring from sunrise till midnight! Let us help you find the best things to do in Hoi An with this worthwhile 3D2N itinerary.


Day 1

Morning: Hoi An Walking Tour

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Begin your Hoi An adventure by visiting the Ancient Town. This quaint town was once a trading port in the 15th century and is now a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk through the streets decorated with colorful, brightly lit lanterns. As you roam around town, you’ll notice a blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese architecture. Witness all these in the town that has remained unfazed by modernization. 



Afternoon: Street Food Tour

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After a day of exploring the quaint Ancient Town, it’s time for a lunch feast. Go on a gastronomic adventure as you’re on your way to taste 10 of the best Vietnamese dishes that you’ll discover along Hoi An’s streets and alleyways. Travel by taste and learn more about the local culture highlighting food as you hop on a motorbike!



Evening: Hoi An Memories Show

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Learn more about the rich Vietnamese culture by watching the largest outdoor visual arts performance. See this performance live by the Hoai River, and witness an astounding spectacle that tells the story of Hoi An’s glorious past. 



Day 2

Morning: Hoi An Bike Tour

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Add a bit of excitement to your Hoi An Tour through a bicycle ride! On your second day in Hoi An, explore the city a la local and learn from their way of living through interesting activities via a guided tour. Know how to rake, sow, water, and pick herbs from Tra Que Herb Garden. Witness local farmers go by their day-to-day job and see the vast paddy fields and water buffalos as you pedal your way to the next destination!

Hoi An Local Market

Stop by the market to know more about the ingredients you need for the cooking class. Did you know that the town was an important trading post and traded spices to foreign traders? 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

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Enjoy a fun Coconut Village tour and paddle your way through the mangroves by riding a bamboo basket boat! It gets more thrilling as you watch dance performances and see boatmen steer and spin their boats rapidly. Also, experience crab fishing and join a cooking class where you’ll be taught to cook authentic Vietnamese dishes that you can have for lunch.


Afternoon: Ao Dai Costume Rental

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After a packed half-day tour, it’s time to explore the streets of Hoi An at your own pace. But make it more interesting by donning Vietnamese attire! You can rent an Ao Dai, the traditional attire of Vietnam, as you walk along the streets and take pretty pictures with your friends. Costume rental is available with more than 100 unique and colorful clothing to choose from. 



Evening: Romantic Dining

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Traveling with your beau? Take the chance to have a romantic sunset dinner as you cruise along Hoi An River. End your tiring but fulfilling day with a boat ride just in time for sunset, and enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner course meal. While having dinner, you can also see locals around the area where you can learn about their local culture.

Day 3

Morning: My Son Sanctuary

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Another UNESCO World Heritage Site you can’t miss in Hoi An is the My Son Sanctuary, located in Central Vietnam. It’s a temple complex that was built as early as the 4th to 13th century, known to be owned by the ancient Cham people. The complex depicts the ruins left of the religious center of the dynasty. It’s an important archaeological site that tells the enchanting story of Arabian, Indonesian, and Indian cultures through the remaining towers’ style. It’s such a visual spectacle to see, a historic complex that gives you a glimpse of Vietnam that once was.


Planning to stay longer? More cultural adventures and sightseeing experiences await you in Hoi An! Find all the experiences you can do in Vietnam by browsing the best things to do in Hoi An on KKDay.