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Exciting Excursions On Jeju Island For Nature Lovers

A UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, Jeju Island is teeming with natural wonders that fills anyone with awe. As a renowned volcanic island, Jeju’s landscape is excellently rich—with hundreds of volcanic hills known as oreum, picturesque orchards, and the sea keeping close wherever you are on the island. 

If you’re a nature lover, Jeju is a really decadent slice of heaven. Below are just some of the most exciting excursions that should be part of your nature-bound Jeju itinerary!




For outdoor lovers who like some exhilarating physical activities, Jeju presents various hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging. 



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Hallasan is one of the three sites that, rightly so, represent Jeju as a World Natural Heritage. You only need a day for a full hike to the main crater Baengnokdam and back. If that’s too extreme for you there are other scenic hiking trails that go around the mountain. 



Geomun Oreum

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Another one of Jeju’s representative heritage sites is Geomun Oreum, with its enchanting lava tube system. You can choose from three hiking courses around the oreum. As the number of hikers per day is limited, a reservation is required.



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A huge mound of lava sticking out of the Sagye-ri skyline, Sanbangsan looks imposing from the ground but is actually a beginner-friendly day hike. It is made up of different trails, including one that leads to the Sanbanggulsa cave temple, about 150m above sea level. 



Water Activities

The sea surrounding Jeju is probably the bluest you’ll ever see, and it would be a sin not to dip your toes in the water at the very least. 



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From north to south of the island, there are great surfing spots that welcome surfers of all levels. Two of the most famous beaches for surfing are Samyang Black Sand Beach in Jeju City and Jungmun Beach in Seogwipo City.


Scuba Diving

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Home to the famed haenyeo or women divers, Jeju has a lot to offer in terms of scuba diving experiences. Scuba schools and dive centers abound, and you can find the best underwater scenery off the coast of Seogwipo.



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Fishing in Jeju is as exciting as it is relaxing. Station yourself on a rock at one of Jeju’s rocky beaches or hop on a boat for an exciting quest away from the coast. Afterward, reward yourself with a fresh bite of your catch!


Sunrise and Sunset Watching

What makes sunrise and sunset watching in Jeju a thrilling experience is the slew of ways you can do it. 


Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

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Seongsan Ilchulbong is the last of the three representative World Heritage sites of Jeju, recognized for its dramatic geological formation projecting off the coast of Seongsan Village. It takes a short hike to its peak, where you can also catch views of Udo Island and Hallasan as you watch the sunrise. 



Sunset on a Yacht

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The colors of the sunset are best appreciated on the water — ride a yacht for a rejuvenating experience that complements sunset-watching with a tour around Jeju’s southern coastline and on-board activities such as fishing. 



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