Most Instagrammable Spots In Safari World Bangkok

Bangkok has a lot of wildlife and nature attractions — but if there’s one place you shouldn’t miss, it would be Safari World.

It’s one of the top destinations for families and generally people of all ages. It’s common to go here with kids for the educational shows, but the grownups also have a whale of a time with the exciting activities and animal encounters scattered across the park. 

Most especially, Safari World is also a perfect destination for shutterbugs! Whether you’re snapping for your socials or for a collection of wildlife photography, there are a lot of scenic spots and photo-worthy moments in Safari World. 

Prepare your cameras as we’ve listed the most Instagrammable spots in Safari World below!


Things to Know

Safari World is divided into two main sections. The first is Safari Park, which you can only explore in a vehicle, either your own car (strictly no getting out or opening windows), a chartered bus, or the Safari Coach.


The Safari Park surrounds the Marine Park, which is a huge area you can explore on foot. Along the bounds of Marine Park, you can still catch a glimpse of Safari Park animals through areas like the Giraffe Terrace and Jungle Walk. 

For instant confirmation and discounted rates, you can book Safari World tickets on KKday! Note that entrance to certain attractions may require separate fees so be sure to check the ticket inclusions and the attraction before proceeding.



Safari Experience

For wildlife photography enthusiasts, the Safari Park experience should be the very first activity you should check off. It’s the most picture-worthy as you can capture wild animals in their natural environment. 

If you’re in your own car, you can take your time filling up your camera with great shots, and if you’re lucky, you can get close-up shots of some curious animals!

Safari World’s coach services are an equally great touring option — it takes about 30-45 minutes to make a complete round around Safari Park.



Giraffe Terrace

Located along the borders of Safari Park and Marine World — the Giraffe Terrace lets you get close encounters with giraffes, feeding and taking photos with the cute long-legged animals who seem to know how to strike a pose. 

This is one of the crowd-favorite spots in Safari World simply for the soaring level of cuteness that the giraffes exude. 



Open Air Studio

via Safari World

One of the newest attractions you shouldn’t miss for envy-inducing photos is Open Air Studio. Set in a 360-degree outdoor nature studio, this photo area has resident animals that are always ready to strike a pose with you. Notably, the most camera-friendly are the orangutans — they can sit for tea time or do silly tricks with you.

Other animals you can take pictures with are adorable tiger cubs, colorful macaws, and birds of prey like the golden eagle and Eurasian eagle-owl. 



Tree House Aviary & Kitchen

via Safari World

A makeover of the famous Mini World, the Tree House Aviary & Kitchen is made Instagrammable by over 200 brightly colored sun conures or sun parakeets. They fly excitedly to those who bring the most delicious snack! 

The kitchen section is where children and all bird enthusiasts can learn cooking and feeding birds as well as animal husbandry.



River Safari

via Safari World

The River Safari is another immersive experience where you can go on a water flume ride and take realistic photos of simulated Asian and African tropical jungles. 

Throughout the 30-minute river cruise, you can capture life-like animatronic animals like elephants, gorillas, and crocodiles. Brace yourself!



Camp Kangaroo

via Safari World

Meanwhile, you can also experience the wilderness from the Land Down Under at Camp Kangaroo where you get to experience camping Aussie-style. That is, you’ll be surrounded by friendly kangaroos and cute joeys in a camping spot that emulates the Outback.

Be sure to don your best camping attire for the most striking photos at Camp Kangaroo!



Western Cowboy Stunt Show

After Outback-themed camping, head to the Wild Wild West for some cowboy action through Safari World’s Western Cowboy Stunt Show. Get a break from all the cuteness with some gunfights and incredible stunts with cowboys and horses that will get you on the edge of your seat.

After the show, you can take a closer look and take photos of the cowboy village for more Insta-worthy snaps. 



Dolphin Show

What could be cuter than smart and friendly dolphins playing in the water? One of the many animal performances at Safari World, the Dolphin Show is a classic attraction that everyone should not miss.

It would not be difficult to catch amazing photos of these amazing water creatures. Kids may even get a chance to get close and shake hands with them!



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