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What You Should Know Before Making A Trip To The Blue Mountains

Sydney has such a nice neighbourhood — aside from the famed harbour fronting it, it also has the great wilderness in its backyard. Just two hours’ drive from the city, the Blue Mountains are the perfect nature retreat with a lot of things to explore. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mountain region gets engulfed in blue haze caused by the oil evaporating from its eucalyptus forests into the air, hence its name. Its million-hectare sprawl consists of vast forests, towering sandstone cliffs, deep valleys, and magnificent wildlife. Not only that, but it also harbours amazing cultural and culinary treasures.

Find out all the amazing things you can do along with travel tips as you prepare for a getaway to the Blue Mountains!



Best Things to Do

The Blue Mountains and the things you can enjoy in nature are boundless. Get to know what the region has to offer with these iconic attractions that should be part of everyone’s itinerary.


Get Close to the Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters is the most popular, well-storied landmark in the Blue Mountains — three sandstone peaks that stand out against the lush mountain landscape. The rock formation is best viewed from the Echo Point lookout in Katoomba, which also offers views of the Jamison Valley.



Enjoy the Scenery at Scenic World

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Scenic World offers different ways to enjoy the scenery at the Blue Mountains —from the glass-floor gondola of Scenic Skyway to a laidback stroll on the 2.4-km Scenic Walkway or a gentle descent into the Jamison Valley on the Scenic Cableway. 

However, its most popular attraction is the Scenic Railway, the steepest passenger railway that will surely give you a good thrill.



Explore the Jenolan Caves

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There’s more to see beneath the canopies of the Blue Mountains — the Jenolan Caves are an ancient cave network featuring otherworldly limestone formations and an underground river system. It is also connected to the Jenolan River which surrounds the caves with beautiful water scenery teeming with wildlife.



Take a Dip at Wentworth Falls

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The Blue Mountains also boast the most beautiful bodies of water, especially waterfalls. Wentworth Falls is a great place to start, a three-tiered waterfall with various trekking tracks and lookouts that allow you to admire the cascading waters.



Indulge in Mountain Cuisine

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Apart from the outdoors, you also can’t miss out on a mouthwatering adventure in the mountain villages and resorts. 

Enjoy full-course meals featuring fresh local produce in Darley’s Restaurant at the five-star Lilianfels Resort and Spa. Savour fine wine and craft beer at Carrington Cellars and Deli. Or unwind with an afternoon high tea in The Wintergarden at Hydro Majestic Hotel.



How to Get to the Blue Mountains

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The best and most convenient way to get to the Blue Mountains is by private car. From Sydney, it takes as little as 50 minutes to reach the Blue Mountains, 90 minutes if you’re headed to the tourist hotspot Katoomba. 

Oberon, where the Jenolan Caves are, is the farthest point from Sydney which can take three hours on scenic winding roads.


For public transport, the most reliable option is the train. There are double-decker trains from Central Railway Station that can take you as far as Lithgow. Be sure to have your Opal card to pay for your fare.

For getting around the Blue Mountains, you can conveniently hop on and off the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, with over 30 stops at major attractions around Katoomba and Leura.



Best Time to Go

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The Blue Mountains are a year-round destination, and there are various attractions that represent each season. If comfortable weather is what you’re after, the best time to go is spring, which is from September to October. This also lets you avoid the summer tourist rush in August. 

However, if your objective is to join the mountains’ festivities, you can check the Blue Mountains’ event calendar and time your visit accordingly. 



Traveller Tips

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Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and your activity. It’s good to note that the Blue Mountains have a more temperate climate than the city below — that means it tends to get cooler the higher you go and later into the night.

If you plan to go bushwalking, be ready with sun and rain protection including a cap, a rain jacket, and sunscreen. Give extra thought to your trekking shoes, bring enough water, and pack a personal first aid kit. 

On weekdays, roads are less busy and hotel rates are also cheaper. If you want to avoid heavy traffic on weekends, aim to arrive early (before 10:30 a.m.) and head back home at sunset. Of course, the trains are always a great alternative to avoid traffic jams.



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