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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast

When you are in an unfamiliar place, finding somewhere good to eat is in itself a challenge. Finding a family-friendly establishment can be near impossible. Some eateries chuck a couple of highchairs in a corner, add a dish of nuggets to their menu and profess that they are a kid-friendly restaurant in Brisbane.

Consequently, we looked for establishments who have gone above and beyond to welcome the youngest of our tribe. After weeding out the wheat from the chaff, we present to you a list of the 10 best kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

map of kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast

North Brisbane

Sandstone Point Hotel
Koala mascot hugging kid at Sandstone Point Hotel - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
via Sandstone Point Hotel Facebook page

Let’s kick this list off with this landmark destination a little less than a hour from Brisbane city. The Sandstone Point Hotel is much more than a restaurant. It is a resort and an event venue all unto itself. However, for the purpose of this register, we will once be focusing on its dining option. As the winner of Queensland’s Best Family Dining Venue, there is no better restaurant to head the list.

Located by the water, the restaurant offers both fresh, delicious seafood and fantastic views. You can choose to be seated alfresco, indoors our sheltered outdoors with a direct line of sight to the playground and huge jumping pillow. Yes, jumping pillow. The playground is barnyard themed with swings, a slide, a windmill and more! If your sprout is not keen on any outdoor shenanigans, they can access the indoor air-conditioned games room for console games a movies.

The kids menu is pretty standard but the adults will be spoilt for choice with fresh oysters, roasted salted pork belly, Hervey Bay seafood risotto amongst others. With the smorgasbord of food for the grown ups and the seemingly endless play options for the littles, you might find it tough to leave SandStone Point Hotel when the meal in done. Thank goodness they have accommodation.

The Belvedere
The kid's playground at The Belvedere - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
The Kid’s Playground via The Belvedere website

We have yet another restaurant with gorgeous water views on the list. The Belvedere is just forty minutes from Brisbane city, situated in Woody Point, looking out into Moreton Bay. Similar to Sandstone Point Hotel, The Belvedere has three eating sites, indoors, outdoor decks with water views, and alfresco dining surrounding their colourful playground.

The playground is fenced in ensuring your tykes are not wandering the grounds lost however unlikely as the outdoor seating is in direct eye line of the play area. Older children are not forgotten though as there is an adjacent indoor game room with arcade games available for play. Parents can truly enjoy their meal and chat with these great distractions for the tribe.

The menu is pretty drool-worthy, from nachos to ice cream waffles, and that’s just for kids! You will be spoilt for choice with the adult menu of laksa grilled scampi, miso glazed salmon and more. Don’t tell Mum but the adults can choose a butterscotch ice cream waffle for breakfast too! Did we mention the special peanut butter and bacon flavoured ice cream for doggies?

Top tip: Take the family there for dinner on Sunday evening and the kids can dine for free. The Belvedere is indeed a strong contender for one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane.

White Horse Ranch
Kids playing gin the cubby house at White Horse Ranch - KKDay Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Cubby house via White Horse Ranch Facebook page

If your chickadees are are still toddling around, the White Horse Ranch is the perfect little cafe for breakfast or lunch. They are unfortunately closed for dinner. Known for their fresh local produce and fragrant coffee, White Horse offers farm-tastic dishes to fill you up and even some specialty cocktails! The young ones will definitely love smashing their way through pancake stacks and fishy bites.

Geared up with a small cubby house, tea party set, and wooden toys, tots will adore hanging out in the little fenced play area. Moreover, with tables set up around the playpen, parents can enjoy their lunch and drinks while supervising their children. So if you need a tiny break, head on down to the White Horse Ranch and bribe your little munchkin with a babyccino and some time in a cubby house.


Everton Park Hotel
carousel in action at the Everton Park Hotel Playcentre - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Carousel in operation via Everton Park Hotel Facebook page

Everton Park Hotel deserves a mention as one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane. They have truly gone over and above to ensure the youngest of us have an unforgettable time with them. Their Children’s Playcentre is something out of a child’s daydream. From the operational carousel with spinning teacup, to the colourful rock climbing wall, the jungle gym of a playground, right to the indoor game and movie room, no child is going to want to leave.

It is helpful to remember to have your child order and eat first as it will be difficult enough getting them out of the playcentre. Perhaps letting them know that each kid’s meal comes with a juice and an ice cream would help. Comparatively, the kid’s menu at Everton Park Hotel does have a little more variety than most. While the food options for the grown ups lends itself to typical pub grub, you can count on it being delicious and comforting.

Go ahead and spend a couple of hours at the Everton Park Hotel. Your kid will thank you for it. Top tip: Kids eat free on Mondays with a purchase of a main meal.

Le Coin Bistro
Courtyard at Le Coin Bistro - KKDay Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Courtyard dining area via Le Coin Bistro Facebook page

Admittedly, Le Coin Bistro is more for the parents; or daringly, for the more mature family. It is for the family without fussy eaters, a family whose kids wouldn’t mind a twist to firm favourites. “Le Coin” translated means the corner and while the bistro is literally at a corner intersection, the vibe in the dining area is reminisce of a corner cafe. It is somewhere you’d feel completely at home in, without any hint of pretentiousness.

The cuisine, French, of course, is rich and classical, using fresh produce from Queensland. You can breakfast on Croque Monsieurs, lunch on Escargot, and dinner on Poisson en Papillote. Furthermore, the kids can enjoy a breakfast of fresh fruit salad with mascarpone and Tarte flambee with ham and cheese for lunch. More importantly, to most kids at least, their lunch comes with juice and ice cream. Not to mention the colouring page which comes with their kid’s menu.

Le Coin Bistro might not have a carousel or a playground but there is just something so comforting about eating quality food in a dining area which looks like home. Hopefully, that, puts your tribe at ease and allows for a leisurely, relaxed meal.

The Pancake Manor
Sample of pancakes from the kids menu at The Pancake Manor - KKDay Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
The Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland, and Smiley Face via The Pancake Manor Facebook page

If you are looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in Brisbane, look no further than The Pancake Manor. This establishment is in this list simply due to its menu. It has no playground or fancy equipment. Although, it does have a heritage-listed church building, which also happens to be ghost-trail listed too.

They have a wide selection of sweet and savoury crepes, pancakes, salads, burgers and even steak. Furthermore, the kid’s menu is pretty cute with the items having catchy names such as The Caterpillar, Tunnel of Fun, and Humpty Dumpty. When it comes to pancakes, not much more is needed to entice kids or kids at heart!

Capalaba Sports CLub
kids enjoying the Little Possum Kids Club at Capalaba Sports Club - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Little Possums Kids Club via Capalaba Sports Club website

High Steaks Restaurant at the Capalaba Sports Club can be considered one of the more kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane. The club has put some thought into creating a family-friendly vibe and it shows. Starting from the fun Little Possums Kids Club situated adjacent to the restaurant, that has a jungle gym, chalkboard, video games and other activities. What’s more, its supervised and free!

Next, the Kid’s Menu at High Steaks Restaurant has a selection of standard kiddy favourites and each meal comes with a drink, ice cream or jelly, and activity pack. Your little munchkin wouldn’t need to even leave the table to be entertained by puzzles and colouring pages.

Lastly, the club hires children entertainers every last Wednesday of the month as special treats for the kids at Kid’s club. So come on down on Wednesdays when kids eat free with a main meal purchased. You just might run into a magician or a face painter!

Cafe Kalina
Cafe Kalina and playground - KKDay Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Cafe Kalina via Cafe Kalina Facebook page

Located just half an hour away from Brisbane city, Cafe Kalina is a prime example of a kid-friendly restaurant in Brisbane. The cafe overlooks a brand new park and has a small playground right by the deck and another about fifty metres off. There is seating right on the deck so kids can be supervised while parents have a bite to eat. Even though the playground is little, the mushroom cubby and water pump will encourage exciting imagination play.

Their menu, while simple, is fresh and delicious. Furthermore, they have provided kids options for breakfast and lunch. Not to mention their extensive drinks list from curated coffee to thick shakes and smoothies. You might however, want to grab those to go so you can head past the trees to playground number two!

Hiding just behind the trees, this playground has a climbing wall in-ground trampolines and more. It’s hard to think of a better way to end your meal than with a short stroll and stint at a playground!

Gold Coast

Mermaid Beach Surf Club
Kids room by the restaurant at Mermaid Beach Surf Club - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Kids room at the restaurant via Mermaid Beach Surf Club Facebook page

If you’ve decided to visit the Gold Coast and need somewhere to lunch, try the Mermaid Beach Surf Club. You can put your feet up (not literally) and let your little nipper run wild in the kids room while keeping an eagle eye on them the whole time. The kiddos will be entertained by a neat jungle gym, play stations and videos screening on television. If that isn’t enough to keep them occupied, you can purchase a kid’s activity pack for AUD $2.50.

Now that the children are settled, you can peruse the wide menu and choose from tapas, burgers, salads, pastas and more. There is a small selection of classic kids meals to satisfy the little tastebuds. All in all, you can have a pleasant meal at the Mermaid Beach Surf Club, a fantastic kid-friendly restaurant in Brisbane.

Dune Cafe
little girl crossing a rope bridge in the playground next to Dune Cafe - KKDay Top 12 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Brisbane and Gold Coast
Sand Playground via Dune Cafe Facebook page

Come to Dune Cafe for a meal and stay for the pirate-themed playground or could it be the other way round? Located by the Palm Beach Cove beach and Pirate Park, Dune Cafe has everything going for it, making it a legitimately kid-friendly restaurant in Brisbane. If that is not enticing enough to your chickadees, the cafe has a corner dedicated to our little tots with toddler toys and furniture.

Equally importantly, the menu is fresh and appetising, adding to the cafe-licious presentation. The young hungry munchkins are not forgotten with the Smaller Appetites menu. Treat yourself to a Karaage Chicken Burger or go healthy and enjoy a Salt and Pepper Tofu Bowl. Whichever your choice, you’d be sure to have an awesome time at Dune Cafe.

You’re now armed with a list of kid-friendly restaurants in Brisbane, so don’t be afraid to venture out and relish your next meal!

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