South Korea: Travel Guidelines for Filipinos in 2022

After more than two years, South Korea removes the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers entering and traveling throughout the country.

Starting April 1, the country will be allowing quarantine-free travel across South Korea for international travelers who have completed their COVID-19 vaccinations. According to the Korea Tourism Organization, the new quarantine exemption applies to travelers who have received their booster dose of the vaccine. It also applies to those who have completed the initial two doses (one dose for Janssen) within 180 days. Travelers who have taken their doses more than 180 days ago will be required to get a booster shot.

Keep reading for travel guidelines and everything Filipinos need to know about the rules for traveling to South Korea.

NOTE: As of March 30, 2022, leisure travelers from the Philippines are not yet allowed in South Korea, according to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines. Travel is limited to employment, academic, diplomatic, and humanitarian purposes. For more information on visa issuance, visit the embassy website.




At a Glance

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Entry for Fully Vaccinated Travelers: Yes.

Tourist Entry: No, for Filipinos (as of March 30, 2022).

Vaccination Requirements: Three doses, including a booster shot. Initial two doses are allowed if taken within 180 days of traveling.

Test Requirements: RT-PCR or Antigen within 48 hours of departure.

Quarantine Requirements: None for fully vaccinated travelers.


Can I travel to South Korea now?

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As of April 1, South Korea is opening its borders to travelers from all over the world. Fully vaccinated travelers will be able to enter and travel throughout the country without quarantine measures.

However, leisure travelers from the Philippines are not yet allowed as the embassy is not issuing new tourist visas until further notice. The validity of existing multiple-entry visas is also still on hold.


What are the travel requirements for South Korea?

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Negative COVID-19 Test Result

International travelers visiting South Korea are required to provide a negative RT-PCR or Antigen test that was taken at least 48 hours prior to departure from the country of origin.

QR Code from Q-Code System

Register your health information, vaccination history, and other relevant travel information online through the Quarantine COVID-19 Defense (Q-Code) System. Prepare the following documents: your valid passport, email address, airline ticket, and negative COVID-19 test. After completing the form, you will be given a QR code to present upon boarding your flight.

Other requirements

  • Visa for Philippine passport holders
  • Valid vaccination certificate via VaxCertPH


What are COVID-19 rules like in South Korea right now?

Face masks are required in indoor public places and public transport. Mask requirements also apply in outdoor areas where 2-meter social distancing measures aren’t possible.




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