Your 2022 Guide To Visiting Cebu

Best known as the Queen City of the South, Cebu continues to exude its unique regal charm and captivating culture that attracts many people in and out of the country. 

Luckily, it’s one of the top destinations in the Philippines that have been very welcoming to yearning tourists, and wherever you are, it’s not that difficult to plan a travel to the city.

Here’s all you need to know about traveling to Cebu this 2022, from travel requirements to accommodation and activities you can enjoy in the province.



COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

As of March 16 until March 31, 2022, Cebu City is on Alert Level 1. However, the rest of the province including Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City remain on Alert Level 2.

Age restrictions no longer apply to both alert levels, and proof of vaccination is not required for those under 18 years old.

Here’s all you need to prepare when traveling to Cebu City or Cebu Province:

Cebu City

  • Valid ID
  • For fully vaccinated tourists – proof of vaccination
  • For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated – negative result of RT-PCR test within 72 hours or antigen/saliva test within 48 hours 

Cebu Province

  • Valid ID
  • For fully vaccinated tourists – proof of vaccination
  • For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated – medical certificate issued within 24 hours



How to Get to Cebu

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Unless traveling from nearby towns, the main port of entry to Cebu for tourists is the Mactan-Cebu International Airport on Mactan Island. From here, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to Cebu City, depending on the mode of transport and traffic.

Ferry is also a common option for those traveling from areas in Visayas and Mindanao. Cebu Port is located right along the coast of Cebu City and is serviced by several operators including 2GO, SuperCat by 2GO, OceanJet Ferry, and Lite Ferries.

The fastest and most direct way to get to your accommodation in the city is through a private transfer, car rental, or taxi. 

Within the city, taxis, jeepneys, and BEEP bus-jeeps are the most common means to get around. 



Where to Stay in Cebu

Whether you’re planning for a total beach getaway, wildlife adventures, or cultural tours — it’s always best to choose your accommodation depending on the theme of your travel. Here are some of the best hotels you can choose in Cebu!


Shangri-La Mactan

via Shangri-La

Located near the airport and close to the ocean, Shangri-La Mactan offers the ultimate indulgence with exclusive and luxurious amenities and access to the best that Mactan and Cebu have to offer. The resort is coveted for its tropical beachfront scenery and high-class spa facilities.

Location: Punta Engano Rd., Lapu-Lapu, Cebu



Crimson Resort and Spa

via Crimson Hotels & Resorts

Crimson Resort and Spa caters to every member of the family with facilities and activities that range from laidback and relaxing to romantic and exciting. The resort has well-appointed suites that are both homey and stylish, featuring contemporary Asian themes. It is also home to one of the best spas in the city, Aum Spa.

Location: Seascapes Resort Town, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu



Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

via Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

Whether it’s the ocean or a pool you want to plunge into, Plantation Bay offers “the luxury of space.” Nestled in different shades of azure and green, the vast resort boasts privately owned lagoons, swimming pools, and relaxing rooms, all huge and spacious.

Location: Marigondon, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu



Where to Eat in Cebu

Every visitor should not miss a good food trip around Cebu! Here are the best restaurants worth checking out not only for their menu offerings but also for their unique dining experiences.


Rico’s Lechon

via Rico’s Lechon

Good lechon restaurants are everywhere in Cebu, but if there’s one restaurant you should never miss, it’s Rico’s Lechon. While it already has branches outside of the city, after over a decade in the industry, nothing beats the local experience. Savor the crunch, the sauce, and all the flavors that put this restaurant on the global map!

Location: Multiple branches in Cebu City, Mactan, and Mandaue



Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

via Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Lantaw is popular for its dining experience on a huge bamboo platform overlooking vast waters and views of the sunset. Their dishes are perfect for sharing, served on clay pots and nito plates with bamboo leaves, such as grilled meats, seafood, and comforting soups.

Sadly, Lantaw was among those badly hit by the recent typhoon, but they’re still worth mentioning as the restaurant strives to bounce back and offer the experience to Cebu foodies again. Watch out for updates on their Facebook page!

Location: Brgy. Day-as, Cordova, Northern Cebu
Facebook: Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant



Top of Cebu

via Top of Cebu

Meanwhile, from the same owners of Lantaw, Top of Cebu is another restaurant concept that complements delicious food with awesome views that are sure to satiate the eyes. Enjoy Filipino comfort food such as sinigang sa miso and sizzling bangus as you take in sprawling views of lush mountains, the cityscape, and the blue horizon.

Location: Brgy. Busay, Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City
Facebook: Top of Cebu



What to Do in Cebu

No trip to Cebu is ever complete without checking off these activities!


Island Hopping

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Cebu’s islands, big and small, have a lot to offer. From breathtaking tropical scenery and soft sands to underwater adventures, you can choose your own kind of thrill—or chill!

Choose your island hopping tour below or do them all!




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Adrenaline junkies cannot miss out on a canyoneering experience at Kawasan Falls and Badian River. Defy your fear of heights with a series of leaps from rocky cliffs as you traverse the river and reward yourself with the refreshingly cool waters of Kawasan!



Cultural Tour

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Cebu’s charm goes beyond its beaches and natural attractions — it is also a province rich in culture, which you can explore through cultural tours that take you around heritage sites and local art communities.



Check out more activities to fill your itinerary on KKday!


*Featured image via Plantation Bay Resort & Spa, Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant, Top of Cebu