Best Divings Spots And Resorts In Batangas (2022 Guide)

Scuba diving is one of the top items on people’s bucket lists — where to is the only thing left to decide. In the Philippines, Batangas is one of the best places to check off this goal.

As a premier diving destination, Batangas harbors a vast expanse of seascape splashed with the colors of corals, fish, and manmade wrecks. The farther you go offshore and the deeper you dive, the more you’re filled with wonder — akin to stepping into a foreign town when you travel by air. 

Check out the best diving spots you should explore in Batangas!




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Anilao, which is actually a barangay in Mabini, is widely recognized as the scuba diving capital of Batangas, being flocked by divers every season. What attracts them here is Anilao’s highly diverse underwater landscape, from colorful corals and fishes to various wreck sites. There are over 40 dive sites in this area of Batangas alone.

Diving resorts in Anilao:




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A small neighboring municipality off the shores of Anilao, Tingloy is known for Maricaban Island, where most resorts are located. Sepoc Point and Twin Rocks are the most popular diving spots around the island, which are usually included in dive packages offered by Anilao dive centers due to their proximity.

Diving resorts in Tingloy:




Nasugbu is another diving wonderland in Batangas, just a few hours from Manila and Tagaytay. The town’s diving sites are excitingly deep, colorful, and vibrant with life. Get filled with awe as you dive deeper — find the pink corals at Pink Wall, stingrays hovering around Coral Garden, or the sinkholes of Blue Hole. 

Diving resorts in Nasugbu:




Connected to Balayan Bay to the west and Batangas Bay east, Bauan is a destination for untouched beaches and idyllic dive sites. It is known to impress divers with its huge welcoming ensemble of jackfish and other adorable marine creatures like sea turtles.

Diving resorts in Bauan:



San Luis

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Just south of Bauan and Anilao, San Luis is a lesser-known yet very worthwhile diving destination in Batangas as it’s also facing Balayan Bay with its many striking dive sites and marine ecosystem. In San Luis, the colorful scenery of corals and fish are not too far off from the shore.

Diving resorts in San Luis:




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Although Calatagan’s selling points are closer to the shore, dotted with floating cottages and swimmers fluttering, there is a resort known to offer good diving experiences. Stilts Calatagan has complete dive packages and a full range of gear rentals for professional divers. 

Diving resort in Calatagan:


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