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Reasons You Should Try Ceramic-Making And What To Expect On Your First Class

Be it mugs for coffee or pots for our well-loved plants, people have an increasingly growing affinity for handcrafted ceramics. And the craft of ceramic-making itself is booming. People are not just out to buy them — they’re investing time into learning how to make them. 

What makes ceramic-making so appealing to many people and why should you try it? Here are the reasons. 


Stress Relief

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Anyone can say the same for any form of art. Just like painting or knitting, pottery provides a creative outlet to relieve your stress through a hands-on activity. The sensory experience helps lessen anxiety and puts you in a meditative state.


Slow Down

The art of pottery gives you the break you need from the hectic and ever-accelerating world. Molding and firing clay is a slow process, and there are no shortcuts. It’s slow yet calming — it allows you to practice the lost art of patience.


Digital Detox

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As much as it’s a slow process, ceramic-making also requires a lot of focus, compelling you to set all your digital devices aside. You may get the urge to check your phone, but aside from the fact that your hands get all muddy, taking your hands off the clay for too long may ruin its form.


Reconnect with Nature and Tradition

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Clay is a product of the natural world, and molding it with your hands is like being intimate with nature. It requires fire and a lot of time to harden, a centuries-old tradition barely affected by the rush of time.



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In ceramic-making, no two shapes or designs are ever the same. That said, your ceramic is entirely your own, a representation of yourself and your creativity. 


Expression of Love

Likewise, the craft is also a great expression of love when you do it for someone else or share the experience with your loved ones. Ceramic products make great gifts, and they’re extra special when you can say that you made them with your own hands. 



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Since it takes a lot of time, focus, and patience, there is a great sense of reward after you finally have the final product on your hands. You’ve created something that’s not just for display but also functional.



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It may sound ironic, but after you’ve decompressed and taken time off your phone, you’ll want to brag about your labor of love online. As a work of art, any ceramic product is certainly worth sharing!


What to Expect on Your First Ceramic-Making Class

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The best place in Metro Manila to experience ceramic-making for the first time is Mess We Made, a franchised studio from Seoul, South Korea, with its beginner-friendly ceramic-making and marbling classes.

Mess We Made has private and group classes for up to ten participants, lasting for about two hours. Not only will you get to mold clay, but you can also experiment with shapes, textures, and colors. 

It is an overall fun experience but, as mentioned, it takes a lot of patience and concentration. You won’t get your finished product immediately; you’ll have to wait for three to four weeks for the pottery to dry and to get fired in a kiln. 

Don’t expect your finished product to be perfect. As with most things crafted by hand, it may not be perfectly smooth—there may be minor glaze marks or cracks—but it won’t affect their practical and aesthetic value!

Mess We Made ceramic-making and marbling classes work with plates, bowls, and cups, which are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe.



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