Eurail Pass Guide – 9 Things To Do In Paris

Travel to Paris, the City of Love, and discover its diverse cities, coastline, and countryside. In the beautiful cities of Paris, Lyon, and Nice, visit palaces, museums, and famed attractions. As the city is connected by an extensive train network, you can arrive at your destination in comfort.


Eurail Pass

The Eurail Pass is a travel pass that is available exclusively to non-European foreigners. With the Eurail Pass, you can travel conveniently to over 40,000 destinations in 33 countries with a single pass. You can make unlimited trips on domestic train rides and enjoy discounts on city tours, cruises and transport services to certain Outlet stores. Children below 4 travel for free with a paying adult.

Select your preferred validities and durations to accommodate your travel plans. A way to maximise the use of the Eurail pass is to check the average cost of your pass per day. Check your travel plans and utilise them on the travel days where the train rides are more expensive, and purchase single-trip tickets on the other days. You will be required to make a reservation for high-speed train bookings.


Plan your journey with the Rail Planner App

Download the Rail Planner App after purchasing your Eurail Pass to plan your journey. Add your Journey to your Pass, and you can simply flash your generated QR code before boarding the train. Save 10% when you purchase the Eurail France Pass via KKday.


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9 Things to Do in Paris

  • Take a Palace of Versailles Half/One-Day Tour (Priority Entry)

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Skip the queue to Palace of Versailles, the finest and most complete monument of 17th-century French architecture. In the King’s Grand Apartments, you’ll find rooms dedicated to Apollo, Mars and Venus, the various gods. Apart from the Queen’s Bedroom, former home to the last queen, Marie Antoinette, there is also the majestic Hall of Mirrors that was created to impress the Sun King (Louis XIV). If you’re bedazzled by the opulence in the Palace, take a stroll in the gardens and admire the works of art, including statues, fountains, and flower beds. Additionally, visit the Greek-style Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s private cottage before the French Revolution.



  • Tour Paris Museums

The Paris Museum Pass gives direct access to more than 50 museums and monuments in Paris and the surrounding area! Firstly, you’ll need to choose your preferred duration between 2 to 6 days. Secondly, you can proceed to your first destination, and your Pass will be activated from the first visit. Certain attractions may require pre-booking.




  • Skip-The-Line to the Eiffel Tower

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Don’t waste your time in queues. Ascend right to the top in a glass elevator with Eiffel Tower Skip-The-Line Tickets. In one of Paris’s most iconic landmarks, take in the panoramic view of the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, and Luxembourg Gardens. From the tower, you can spot nearby landmarks such as the majestic Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Orsay Museum.



  • Visit the Louvre Museum with an Audio Guide/Tour Guide

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The Louvre Museum is located in the heart of Paris. Begin your art appreciation journey at the entrance, as its pyramid-shaped entrance with 675 glass rhombus lozenges is art in itself. Eight galleries are featured in the Louvre Museum, from Egyptian Antiquities, Islamic Art to paintings and sculptures. Admire more than 35,00 masterpieces spanning over 7,000 years’ history including “Mona Lisa”, “Venus de Milo,” and “Coronation of Napoleon.” Learn the stories behind these famous works with the guide.



  • Take a Professional Photo Shoot in Paris


What better way to capture moments of your vacation than a Professional Photo Shoot in Paris? Regardless of whether you’re a solo, couple, or family traveller, professional English-speaking photographers will take stunning photos of you and your group against the mesmerising Parisian landmarks. What’s more, your edited photos will be ready within 4 days and backed up for a whole two years afterwards.



  • [KKday Exclusive] Feel the Magic in Disneyland Paris | 20% Off Gift Shop Coupon

Eurail Pass

Escape to the wonderful world of Disneyland Paris with these one-day tickets to either Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park or both Parks. The magic never stops, even for adults. From family adventures to exhilarating rides, Disneyland Paris has something for everyone. Meet your favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Elsa from Frozen. Each night, magical parades and spectacular light shows create a festive atmosphere and truly bring Disney Magic to life. Each themed land offers a mix of rides, adventures and plenty of sparkles as you mingle with princes and princesses, board a pirate ship, hop in a spacecraft and more.

Over at the Walt Disney Studios Park, explore Disney film and animation over five unique zones. There are live stunt shows and fun rides for both the little ones and thrill-seekers. Don’t forget to check our tips and insider secrets for Disneyland Paris!



  • Book a La Vallée Village Outlet Transfer Service

Eurail Pass
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Outlet store shopping is definitely an activity not to be missed when you’re in the mecca of fashion. Shop in comfort as the La Vallée Village Outlet Transfer Service from Paris brings you to-and-fro La Vallée Village Outlet in a luxury air-conditioned bus or minibus. This unique village in France comprises over a hundred prestigious fashion luxury brands. Moreover, enjoy discounts on all brands.



  • Go on a Paris Mont Saint-Michel Day Tour with Chinese/English-Speaking Guide

Eurail Pass
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Breathe in some fresh air on a Paris Mont Saint-Michel Day Tour. Explore Mont-Saint Michel, a UNESCO-listed medieval monastery. Along the way, take in the stunning Normandy countryside and learn the abbey’s colorful history on this guided tour with an English or Chinese speaking guide. Slow down and admire the island’s rich history, lush farmland along the coasts of France. Learn about the Benedictine order and gain insight on the abbey’s revolutionary history. Admire the grand Gothic architecture and fortifications as you explore its chapels, watchtowers, and elusive crypts.



  • Sail down the Seine River on a Bateaux Parisiens Cruise

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Board a Paris Seine River Bateaux Parisiens Cruise from its oldest stone bridge, the Pont-Neuf. Next, admire the scenic riverbanks, Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum on this boat ride. Spot the Musée d’Orsay which houses a staggering collection of Impressionist art. As you sail under bridges, see houseboats and floating restaurants located on the banks. View Paris from a boat today.


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