Halal Boba Drinks in Malaysia Other Than Starbucks

The go-to move among Malaysians when the golden sun shines brightly in the sky is finding ways to cool their bodies down. You may dive into a pool or just stay indoors. But gulping a cup of cold and aromatic drinks down your throat is hard to pass too. With that said, we have several halal boba drink alternatives to Starbucks for you to overcome the stifling heat that can be enjoyed by all.


1. Zus Coffee

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ZUSsies out there may be ecstatic to see Zus Coffee is included in our list. Just launched in 2019, this local coffee brand is doing so well and, as of now, has 68 outlets all over Malaysia. They are dedicated to delivering the best coffee experience to customers, hence partnering with award-winning coffee farms in Brazil. Some of their signature drinks are ZUS Gula Melaka, Genmai Matcha Latte, Black Sugar Latte, and Thunder. You should order one!

Best selling: ZUS Gula Melaka
Status: Ingredients are from halal-certified suppliers. In the middle of getting a Halal Certificate.
See all Zus Coffee’s menu here.


2. Bubble Bee

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You may find 32 Bubble Bee outlets throughout Malaysia and if you encounter one, don’t hesitate to join the queue. Order up their Caramelized Honey Golden Pearl or Matcha Honey Black Pearl and satisfy your sweet cravings. The founders got a lightbulb moment to substitute palm sugar with honey bee in the boba drinks as it is healthier. Without a doubt, if you enjoy chewing the waxy cells of a honeycomb piece, this coffeehouse is a bee’s knees for sure.

Best selling: Golden Series Ice Cream
Status: Muslim-owned
See all Bubble Bee’s menu here.


3. Chizu

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Now, many were taken aback upon knowing that there’s Japanese cheese incorporated in almost everything on their menu including coffee and tea. It may sound quirky but that doesn’t stop customers from adoring the unique tang it emanated. Relish their Nutty Cocoa Latte Cheese after you gobbled up their wide range of crumbly croissants. So step foot at any 12 Chizu outlets for some tea time and experience the taste yourself!

Best selling: Japanese Roasted Oolong Cheese Tea
Status: Halal-certified at Sunway Pyramid’s outlet.
See all Chizu’s menu here.


And while you slurp your frothy cheese tea, you might catch sight of people giddy in joy at Sunway Lagoon from Sunway Pyramid’s glass window. Get the ticket below and join them!



4. Tea Amo

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Another drink place for those who craze something different in their tea is none other than Tea Amo. They serve freshly made tau fu fah as toppings that will let you savour its soft and velvety texture with your tea. Pop in with your friends and order up their acclaimed Taufa Royal Milk Tea or Mango Passion Milk that is served in 11 outlets across Malaysia. Just the first sip will surely sweep you off your feet! 

Best selling: Taufa Rose Milk Tea
Status: Muslim-owned
See all the Tea Amo’s menu here.


5. Tiger Sugar

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Shake, shake, shake! Yes, shake your Tiger Sugar cup after receiving your drinks – it’s supposed to give you a heavenly swig. Fresh milk from Japan’s top dairy brand has made them completely forget the boring old creamer in preparing the drinks. You may find 20 Tiger Sugar outlets around Malaysia and if you decide to order one, give their Brown Sugar Boba Series a whirl. Only then you’ll experience a mouthful of its aromatic and strong tea flavour. 

Best selling: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse
Status: Halal-certified
See all Tiger Sugar’s menu here.


6. Gong Cha

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The closest thing for you to get served like royalty is stepping foot into Gong Cha’s outlets – since that’s what its name translates as. With 48 outlets all over Malaysia and a few more will open up, you get to order their series of freshly brewed tea, whichever is up to your liking. Purple Taro Milk Tea or pink Strawberry Milk Tea sure beat the ordinary tea you usually sip, isn’t it?

Best selling: Winter Melon Tea with White Pearl
Status: Ingredients are from halal-certified suppliers.
See all Gong Cha’s menu here.


7. Black Whale

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Customers will surely get indecisive upon seeing over 70 choices of drinks on their menu. Brown sugar drinks, fruit teas, dalgona drinks – every single cup looks tempting! In that case, just decide by narrowing down your favourite flavours and type of drinks. Oh, get some suggestions from the baristas too. You might be surprised when all this time, Grapefruit Whalcano and Cheezo Mango could satisfy your taste buds! So stop by at any 49 Black Whale outlets in every part of Malaysia. 

Best selling: Brown Sugar Black Whale Avocado Milk
Status: Ingredients are from halal-certified suppliers.
See all Black Whale’s menu here.


Sipping refreshing drinks with family and friends is, no doubt, amusing. Now, how about dropping by at glasshouse or garden-like cafes for your next bellyful weekend activities?