Best Philippine Destinations To Discover And Rediscover In 2022

There have been many challenges to the Philippines‘ tourism industry in recent years, from pandemic-induced disruptions to ravaging weather. But these past events have also brought to light the country’s solidarity. Leaders, NPOs, ordinary citizens—Filipinos help Filipinos. 

This solidarity is what fuels the Philippines’ resilience, and we look forward to brighter days as everybody rises back up together. Tourism will bounce back, and the landscapes that tourists find now and in the future are reflections of the country’s unyielding beauty.

Here are the Philippine destinations we look forward to revisiting soon.




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Consistently recognized and awarded by international travel media, Boracay is among the top Philippine destinations worth rediscovering every time. It’s not only the fine white sand and azure waters that keep pulling everyone back — but also the local scene, the adventures, and the world-class resort facilities. 

Embark on tropical adventures both on and off-shore, from biking and ATV rides to watersports, island hopping, and sunset sailing.





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Palawan is another internationally renowned island destination in the Philippines. You’ll never run out of reasons to visit and ways to explore the little archipelago. 

Immerse yourself in the magical subterranean world of the UNESCO World Heritage Puerto Princesa Underground River. Revel in nature’s beautifully sculpted limestone cliffs harboring azure lagoons in El Nido. For scuba divers, don your suits and dive deep into the mesmerizing underwater shipwrecks of Coron.





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Siargao has totally captivated many people, calling on them to keep coming back. It couldn’t be just for the surf — the Philippines’ surfing capital has a lot more to offer. 

Anywhere is close to nature and the beach. The local culture is unique, and it’s a great place to embrace the bohemian in you. You don’t just discover Siargao — it offers the time and space for you to rediscover yourself.




La Union

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A next-door neighbor of Baguio and Pangasinan, La Union is another blossoming beach and surfing destination in northern Luzon. Its growing community of surfers and artists shapes the local scene, and hip guesthouses, stores, and restaurants pop up here and there. 

There’s surely something new to discover on your next visit, but you’ll feel right at home every time.




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Aside from its cool climate, Baguio has made a name for itself as a UNESCO Creative City, attesting to its cultural heritage and thriving art scene. Its parks and natural attractions are also an excellent source of inspiration and creativity, complemented by local gastronomic gems. 

Rediscover the proud heritage of Baguio by visiting its museums and artist villages, which also usually house dining sections that offer local delicacies. 





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In Bohol, people often go for the Chocolate Hills — and linger for entirely different reasons. The province is also home to amazing cuisine, tranquil beaches, and rich biodiversity on land and underwater. 

Marine life attracts local and foreign divers alike, but even without a scuba suit, you can meet whale sharks and sea turtles on snorkeling trips. Be sure to also take the time to rediscover conservation efforts at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.




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Cebu is a bustling business center backdropped by many natural wonders. The city is a great place to start for foodies and history buffs. As you go farther out the center, diverse natural landscapes begin to unfold.

Take a chill day out on the sand or plunge into the underwater world of colorful corals and fish, dolphins, and whales. Back on land, don’t miss an adrenaline-pumping canyoneering adventure in Badian!


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