Exciting Adventures To Take In The Philippines In 2022

Start manifesting a more exciting new year ahead! Believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is already within arm’s reach—if you haven’t reached it yet. Along with your new year’s resolution, start creating an adventure bucket list for 2022 that will make you fall in love all over again with the Philippines. Be sure to put these adventures at the top!


ATV Experience in Rizal

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Leave all your stress behind as you ride an ATV through the terrains and rivers of Antipolo, Rizal. It’s the adventure you need to get the adrenaline pumping while surrounded by the refreshing scenery of mountains, lush jungles, and rivers. The ride may be a bit bumpy, but there’s no traffic jam here!



Mount Mayon ATV Adventure

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If you can’t get enough of four-wheel adventures, be sure to also add Mount Mayon to your list! From lava trails to rivers, forests, and grasslands, choose from different routes around the volcano and discover all the beautiful sides of this natural wonder. 



Island and Lagoon Hopping in El Nido

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There’s nothing quite like sailing and kayaking through the otherworldly islands and limestone cliffs in El Nido. There are different island hopping tours to take that will reveal azure pools beneath towering cliffs, mystical caves, and secret coves. It’s an adventure that’s worth writing home about.



Puerto Princesa Underground River Experience

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It is not exactly adrenaline-pumping, but riding a boat into the deep, dark depths of the Puerto Princesa Underground River is an adventure that will give you a year’s worth of awe and wonder. Discover the amazing limestone karst features and mountain-to-sea ecosystem that put it on the UNESCO World Heritage list.



Water Sports in Boracay

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A list of adventures in the Philippines can’t go without Boracay and the many wet and wild experiences that await on the island! Take note of all the water sports in Boracay and tick them off one by one with your best friends. There are many adventures worth sharing such as parasailing, helmet diving, and kite surfing!  



Surfing in Siargao

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Siargao is everybody’s dream island, and it’s also where you can find the best adventures to kick-start the new year. Get enough dose of vitamin sea to energize you for the new year — grab a surfboard and ride the waves!



Nature Adventures in Cebu

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Whether on land or out at sea, the Queen City of the South offers all kinds of adventures wrapped in lush greenery and a blue horizon. Take your sightseeing to the next level by riding a zip line across mountain peaks. Or, dive into the underwater world of Cebu to meet adorable sea creatures!



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