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‘And Just Like That’, Take A Girls’ Trip in Singapore!

‘And Just Like That’, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Sex and the City’ premiered on 9th December 2021 with the original cast reprising their roles. ‘Sex and the City’ focused on the four women navigating life and relationships in their 30s while ‘And Just Like That’ is about the same group in their 50s.

Regardless of age, a friendship with close girlfriends is a precious thing to have. Therefore, celebrate your bond with your girlfriends with our ‘And Just Like That’ themed Girls’ Trip in Singapore!


Fullerton Hotel Afternoon Tea

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For starters, catch up with your girlfriends through a relaxing Afternoon Tea in The Courtyard at The Fullerton Hotel. The exquisite three-tier English afternoon tea set includes both sweet and savoury options of treats and desserts. Listen to your girlfriends spill the tea as you bask in the tranquil ambiance of the hotel. With top-of-the-line service and a wonderful view of the Singapore River, you’ll certainly enjoy this luxurious afternoon.



Kenko Wellness Spa

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Book a pampering wellness massage spa session with your girlfriends to destress from the daily grind. The experienced massage therapists at Kenko Wellness will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The multifunctional wellness programs aimed at promoting health and well-being will be a welcome treat for your buds.



Perfume Making Workshop

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Create an exclusive blend with your girl tribe at this Perfume Making Workshop. In this guided DIY workshop, learn the art of perfumery from professional perfume instructors. Firstly, personalise your unique fragrance from a selection of over 50 different ingredients. Secondly, learn about the ins and outs of perfume making. Lastly, let your creativity free with the provided tools and materials!



Sabio by the Sea Meal

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Enjoy a wide selection of authentic Spanish dishes at Sabio by the Sea, one of Singapore’s first tapas bars. Share this gastronomic treat with your girlfriends and delight in Spanish favorites. Pair papayas bravos, paella, and chorizo with a glass of freshly made sangria and end the meal with freshly made churros. For a limited time, get S$100 worth of vouchers for only $90!



Drinks of Singapore Day Tour

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Discover our local beverages through the Drinks of Singapore Tour! You’ll learn about our own creation, NEWater, a high-grade reclaimed water purified by advanced technologies at the Marina Barrage. 

Next, learn about the origins of uniquely Singaporean beverages such as Milo Dinosaur, Bandung, sugarcane juice and Teh Tarik. The Sex and the City women bonded over Cosmopolitian; do the same with with a local classic, the Singapore Sour, with your girlfriends at the Loof rooftop bar. You can have a go at concocting your own drink! 



Royal Albatross Sunset Sail

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What better way to commemorate your journey with your girlfriends than an actual trip? Set sail aboard the Royal Albatross Sunset Sail. The Royal Albatross is a 4-masted, 22-sail superyacht, Singapore’s only luxury Tail Ship. Wine and dine as the yacht takes you and your girlfriends to unexplored islands in Singapore.



Goodwood Park Staycation

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Create more memories with a Goodwood Park Staycation. A girly staycation means going to the spa together, manicure sessions, and sharing secrets! That’s why the Deluxe Premier Room package comes with free tickets to the MBS Skypark and a 1-for-1 spa voucher. With a king-sized bed, hairdryer and bathrobes, it’s all you need to mark a perfect end to your girls’ trip.

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As Carrie once said, “They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style”. Celebrate your friendship with deals from KKday.