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Best Gift Ideas For K-Drama Fans and Where To Get Them

K-drama fans are some of the best people to gift—there are many fun and creative ways to please them! If you have K-drama-obsessed friends and loved ones and are looking for gifts to make their Christmas extra merry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best gifts you can give a K-drama fan and where you can get them! (Some don’t even need wrapping!)



Viu Subscription

via Viu

If your friend doesn’t have a subscription yet, the best and foremost Christmas gift you can give is a K-drama streaming subscription! Viu has a large catalog not only of K-dramas but also Korean movies and variety shows.

A monthly subscription to Viu costs PHP 129, but the platform even has cost-saving offers depending on the subscription period. You can get three months for PHP 349, six months for PHP 599, and one year for only PHP 999!

Download the Viu app now!



Tote Bags

via The Tote Girl PH on Instagram

For the friend who’s always on the go, why not give them a tote bag they can proudly bring anywhere? Shops like The Tote Girl and 3 Broke Chingus have a lot of unique designs to choose from — from artsy portraits of your fave characters/actors to statements that only K-drama fans would understand!

Where to get them: The Tote Girl PH, 3 Broke Chingus



Enamel & Button Pins

via Pointy Little Things on Instagram

Pins are a great gift by themselves or in combination with the tote bag for added personalization. From statements to cute cartoon illustrations of Kdrama characters — there’s a lot you can find at The Craft Central stores and Pointy Little Things’ online shop. Beware not to spend hours choosing the best ones because we’re sure your friend will love all of them!

Where to get them: The Craft Central, Pointy Little Things




via Oppa Planner on Instagram

Help your friend better keep track of their K-drama fan journey with none other than a K-drama-themed planner! Oppa Planner is a smash hit among fans, with their planners featuring different K-drama oppas per month. The 2022 planners come in cute colors and include sticker sheets, postcards, and photo cards!

Where to get them: Oppa Planner



OST Albums

via Aegyo Korean Merchandise

If the K-drama fan in your life is also an audiophile, then the best Christmas gift would be an official K-drama OST album! The great thing about giving them an album is that they get not only the songs but also a total merch package that they can keep in their precious K-drama collection. 

Where to get them:



Korean Restaurant Gift Cards

via Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Food in K-dramas, no matter the mood, always looks so tasty! So we’re sure that any K-drama fan would always be craving. Satisfy that craving by surprising them with a gift card at a nice Korean restaurant! Most restaurants offer gift cards, so just contact your fave spot or take your pick from our list of the best Korean restaurants in the metro.



Virtual Tour

via Yeo Khee on Unsplash

K-dramas sure have tickled every fan’s wanderlust. And for your K-dramaphile friend who dreams of traveling to South Korea — surprise them with a virtual tour! Not only are virtual tours more easily accessible in our current situation, but they’re also cheaper than flight tickets! 

You can find guided virtual tours on KKday or check out these 360° VR tours offered by the Korea Tourism Organization! 



Korean Lessons/Textbooks

via J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Annyeonghaseyo? Saranghae! We’re sure you’ve had friends blurting Korean expressions they heard from their fave K-dramas. Why not help them level up their language skills by gifting them with Korean lessons? They are easily available online, and there’s no need to go to an actual classroom! Alternatively, you can also get Korean language textbooks that can aid them in learning.

Where to get them: The Study by Enderun via KKday (online lessons), Fully Booked or National Book Store (for textbooks)


If you haven’t caught up with the craze, download the Viu app for free and become a K-drama fan yourself! You won’t regret it!


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