Best Beach Experiences In Bolinao

Looking for a beach escape that’s far from the bustling crowds? Bolinao is the perfect destination for beach and road trip lovers, as the rural and coastal scenery is breathtaking. It’s a great place to relax—but also find new adventures. We’ve listed the best beach experiences in Bolinao that will get you excited to travel up north. Be sure to always have your mask before you head out!



Savor the Moment at Patar White Beach

via Bolinao Tourism Office

Patar White Beach is probably the best-known beach destination in Bolinao. However, it still has that untouched vibe that off-the-beaten-path travelers will love. The beach is barely developed, without many huge resorts interfering with the serene landscape. That said, the best activities to look forward to are as simple and precious as camping or renting a nipa hut, grilling barbecue, and spreading yourself out on the fine creamy sand.



Take Photos at Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

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Not many beaches have lighthouses, so it really captures your attention when you see one as majestic as Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. This historical beacon, built in 1905, sits atop Punta Piedra Point, watching over the West Philippine Sea. For its tall, dazzling white frame structure, Cape Bolinao is one of the best lighthouses to photograph. It’s also a great spot to appreciate the beauty of Bolinao’s waters.



Admire Nature’s Art at Rockview Beach Resort

via Rockview Beach Resort on Facebook

If you want unique beach scenery, be sure to head over to Rockview Beach Resort and behold mother nature’s art. Start by perusing the rock formations, sculpted by nature herself — meticulously over thousands of years. Next, just lie back and listen to the waves rolling into the shore and hitting the rocks. It’s mother nature’s kind of rock and roll.



Indulge Yourself at Birdland Beach Club

via Birdland Beach Club

If you’re looking for a bit more luxury and comfort, Birdland Beach Club is where you can pamper yourself and still get that tropical vibe but with a dash of glamour. The resort has Insta-worthy bamboo huts commanding views of the sea, as well as pools, spa, restaurant, and bar. You’ll be serenaded by feathered singers throughout your stay as Birdland is also a stomping ground for birds, with birdhouses especially built to accommodate them. 



Hop on a Boat to Santiago Island

via Adam Dillon on Unsplash

For more beach and underwater adventures, go on a day trip to Santiago Island. There are a lot of things to do here, the most popular of which are bird watching, fishing, and scuba diving. You may meet different species of migratory birds and, underwater, discover a rich marine ecosystem. 



Catch the Sunset

via Birdland Beach Club

Given Bolinao’s location on the west coast of Pangasinan, sunset-viewing is one of the best beach experiences you shouldn’t miss. Before the day ends, pick your spot in any of the beach attractions above and just enjoy the show. The sun’s final act as it dips back into the horizon.



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*Featured image via Birdland Beach Resort & Rockview Beach Resort