The Creepiest And Most Haunted Spots In The Philippines

The Philippines is not only rich in history but also ghost stories. If you’re looking for an otherworldly thrill, Metro Manila alone has a lot of places you can visit. Below, we’ve listed the most haunted places you can visit in and around Manila. They’re also great for history lovers as these spirit-infested places are also historical spots that offer real-life contexts on the hauntings.



Fort Santiago, Intramuros

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Aside from being a popular destination for history lovers, Intramuros is also the best and most accessible ghost-hunting place for dark tourists in Metro Manila. In particular, Fort Santiago is known to be a very active haunted place that has accumulated ghosts from centuries of colonization, wars, and calamities. 

Among them is one notable spirit: the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, who was imprisoned at Fort Santiago before his execution in Bagumbayan (Rizal Park). It is said that the hero’s ghost lingers here, with some claiming that they’ve seen his apparition or heard his voice.



Manila Film Center, Pasay

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It stands neglected next to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, but in 1981, Manila Film Center was a visionary project of then First Lady Imelda Marcos. Touted as the home of an international film fest that could vie with Cannes.

Tragedy struck in the dawn of November 17, 1981, when collapsed scaffolding brought a surge of wet cement down onto more than a hundred workers. It is said that some bodies were left inhumed in the cement as construction was quickly resumed. That sealed the curse that would hang over Manila Film Center for years to come. A series of unfortunate events befell anyone who associated with the place such as The Amazing Philippines Theater that saw a mysterious murder and fire accident during their lease. Ghosts of the workers are said to still haunt the place.



Diplomat Hotel, Baguio

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It seems there’s more to the chills in Baguio than just its cool climate. The town is also thick with a ghostly mist from all its haunted spots. One of the most infamous is the Diplomat Hotel, built in 1913 and now a national historical site.

However, just like many that have survived a century of colonization and wars, its rich history is far from a fairy tale. During World War II, the building was heavily blemished with the blood and misery of women raped, prisoners tortured, and nuns and priests decapitated. So when you visit the abandoned hotel, be ready to encounter headless ghosts, desperate cries, and physical disturbances.



Laperal White House, Baguio

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Built in the 1920s, the Laperal White House in Baguio was just like any other family residence. However, misfortune soon arrived at its doorstep and never left. During World War II, it became another site for Japanese soldiers’ brutal acts. Once the family re-settled in the mansion, a series of accidents took the members’ lives including the young daughter who was hit by a car and the patriarch who stumbled to his death on the front stairway.

Currently, the Laperal mansion is not open to visitors, but many people simply passing by on Leonard Road have reported feeling the creepy aura and even seeing unearthly figures. If you ever find yourself here, dare look at the front stairs and the windows and you might just catch one of the Laperal ghosts staring back at you.



Clark Air Base Hospital, Pampanga

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The Clark Air Base Hospital is another old abandoned structure that stands as a reminder of the Philippines’ grim history. In its early years, it accommodated soldiers and other casualties of World War II and Vietnam War until the historic Pinatubo eruption swept over it. 

Now, the abandoned hospital is heavily charged with a paranormal presence. There have been multiple reports of soldiers screaming with pain, babies crying, and even poltergeist activities that caused ghost hunters to turn tail and never return.



Corregidor Island

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Corregidor Island is another top historical spot in the Philippines as it was at the front line of World War II. You don’t need to have a third eye to feel the somber vibe from the remnants of war — abandoned hospital, bomb-damaged structures, eerie tunnels.

The most haunted places are the old Corregidor Hospital, which was bombed by the Japanese in WWII, and Malinta Tunnel which was also used as a war treatment facility. Don’t be surprised if you hear cries and footsteps echoing off the ruins.



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