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Top Things To Do In NSW And Vic To Celebrate Freedom Post-Lockdown

October has been a festive month as New South Wales and Victoria passed a 70% vaccination rate, with Sydney paving the way to end a long lockdown streak followed by Melbourne. Fully vaccinated people are now able to go out again with less fear and restriction — with cafes, pubs, museums, and other well-loved tourist attractions open to welcome them again. Cities in the region are now pulsating with life, and there are so many things to celebrate our newfound freedom!

We’re sure you can’t wait to pick up on your adventures, so we’ve listed the top things to do in and around Sydney and Melbourne for you to celebrate freedom day!



Meet the Sea Again

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If there’s one thing we miss the most, it’s the ocean and the endless adventures that lie underwater and above. Luckily, Sydney lies right next to the sea with lots of amazing coastal attractions. Hit the beach, feel the salty breeze on your face, dive deep into the water, or ride the surf!




Get up Close with Sea Creatures

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Another way to get intimate with the underwater world is by visiting the local aquarium. If you have kids in the family or are just passionate about the ocean, head to Sea Life and feel the wonder of colourful fishes, sharks, and different kinds of sea creatures gliding around you.




Play in Nature

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We’re gradually returning to a mask-free life—and once we’re there, why not do a ceremonial removal of your face mask amid trees and greens? How nice it would be to breathe fresh air in! At the same time, indulge in different kinds of adventures in New South Wales’ nature attractions such as TreeTops and Cactus Country.




Get an Adrenaline High

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Nothing can make you feel more alive than extreme adventures that pump adrenaline through your veins. Celebrate freedom by living like a bird for a moment and just being close to the sky. Of course, savour the views you can’t get anywhere else when you’re on the ground! There are various skydiving spots around Sydney and Melbourne, each offering its own kind of visual and sensory thrill.




Ride a Hot Air Balloon

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If skydiving is really too extreme for you, don’t worry! Here’s a perfect alternative. If you miss the jet-setting life, ride a hot air balloon for a quaint flying experience. See the world — or the vast region, at least — from above, with unobstructed views better than from a plane window.




Get Romantic on a Cruise

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If you’re in need of a bonding date that doesn’t involve Netflix or microwave meals — head to the harbour and board a cruise. Just savour the new freedom together with the most precious person/s in your life while viewing the seascape, the city skyline, and the sunset.




Get a Cuteness Overload from Zoo Animals

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Animal memes were some of our main sources of relief during the lockdown. So now that we’ve regained our freedom, be sure to pay a visit to the adorable animals at the local zoos! From fluffy koalas to playful kangaroos and adorable penguins, cuteness overload will surely hit you!




Take the Kids to a Museum

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Museums and themed attractions are a must for families looking for a post-lockdown activity that the younger ones will enjoy. They’re also great conditioning for kids as schools transition back to face-to-face learning. Get your kids excited to learn outside the home again!




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As we gradually emerge from the pandemic, remember to stay safe and find more experiences you miss on KKday!