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What to Expect on a Langkawi Sunset Cruise

Tired of the conventional vacation? If so, then switch it up with a majestic sunset cruise in Langkawi! Here’s everything you need to know about Langkawi’s Sunset Cruise:



What is The Sunset Cruise?

image via @lys_aja
image via @reezarusli_obert

Our all-in cruise package will take you on a voyage unlike any other. Be prepared to have three hours of your life maxxed out with fun plus fancy vibes! The minute you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a bar on deck supplying unlimited drinks and snacks. Then, you’re free to eat, laugh and party the night away to your heart’s content!

And that’s not all, kids under three years old are entitled to free admission too. So, families are more than welcome aboard!



How to Get There

image via @marekwedman
image via @marekwedman

First stop is Telaga Harbour Marina. This is where you’ll hitch a yacht to set sail for the seas. To get to the docks, all you have to do is hail a cab or drive from Langkawi International Airport. It should take approximately 15 minutes to reach your destination.

Be sure to arrive latest by 4.30pm so that the boat won’t depart without you!



Sail through the Andaman Sea

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Take in the color-painted sky and cooling ocean wind as you glide over the waves in style. If you’ve been looking for the right moment to capture that perfect #OOTD pic, then this is it!

Once you’re out on the water, watch out for Langkawi’s signature golden hour. The sight of the setting sun and burst of colors in the sky is an absolute spectacle you cannot miss with your camera.



Jacuzzi in the Ocean

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image via @wiseleecruise

If the idea of a warm bubble bath alone is enough to get you excited, how does having one in the ocean sound?

Plunge into the refreshing cool sea with a bubbling sensation all around you to massage your stress away! Kids will have a fun time splashing one another while adults can chill over a conversation and get pampered simultaneously. Now that’s a cool deal!



Island Drop-off

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image via @shaz_lynn85

Did you really think that you were going to be spending all day long on a boat? However tempting lazing about might seem, it’s always healthy to get up on your feet every once in a while. Having said that, our sunset cruise also includes a beach for you to explore.



Sunset Cruise Dinner

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image via @jjeong_nm

The one thought that may have crossed your mind by now (if not first) is ‘what about food?’ Not to worry, the cruise will take care of that too!

Make as many trips as you’d like to the lavish seafood and Malaysian style all-you-can-eat-buffet. Indulge yourself in a feast fit for a king which includes fresh catches like fish, crab, and lamb and chicken skewers grilled to perfection! And top it all off with some free-flow beer, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic sips all in the comfort of your luxurious yacht.



It’s Party Time!

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image via @langkawi_vacation_planner

Finally, end the evening with an all-out sailboat party! After a day filled with sun and vitamin sea, shake off whatever remaining tension you have by letting it all loose on the dance floor.

With live music entertainment and energy-pumping dance beats, you’re in for a heck of a wild ride. Don’t be shy, as it’s a great opportunity to mingle around and make new friends as well!



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