How To Play Squid Game, Singapore-style

Squid Game has taken the world by storm. Since its release in September 2021, this survival horror drama series has propelled itself to the top of Netflix’s global charts, becoming the first Korean show to top the US charts. The show has all the dark elements that give it instant popularity – sex, betrayal, murder, greed, yet the games played are childhood games that are relatable across cultures. What does Squid Game, Singapore-style look like? Netizens have come up with their take of the game.


How to play Squid Game, Singapore-style

Country Erasers

In the drama, Gong Yoo accosts debt-laden participants to play a game of ddakji with him. Firstly, ddakji involves folding your own origami tile. Secondly, you need to use your tile to make your opponent’s tile flip over. Lastly, the person with the most ddakji wins the game.

The closest childhood game that we have is… you’ve guessed it. Country erasers. If you studied in a local primary school, you would most likely have encountered this game. Simply flip your eraser so it lands squarely on top of your opponent’s. The goal is to collect as many erasers as possible.


Fortune Paper Game

This game is based entirely on luck. You select a number and the fortune flower is opened and closed according to the number chosen. Your fate lies in the petal that your number ends on.


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Haw Flakes

One of the games involve carefully breaking off the sides of Dalgona candy, leaving the middle imprinted shape intact. Consequently, this sparked a Dalgona candy-making craze, similar to its viral predecessor, Dalgona coffee

Have you tried the Dalgona game and found it too easy? Bring in the haw flakes! However, the chance of failure with this tiny snack is much higher as compared to Dalgona.

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Block Catching

The first game, Red light, Green light is most similar to “What is the time, Mr Wolf”. Other games that involve catching are Ice and Water and of course, Block Catching. It simply means a game of pure catching that is limited to the void deck.


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♬ Way Back then – jung jaeil


In the drama, participants had to choose the right glass tile that could withstand their weight, or risk falling to their death. For the purpose of keeping this PG, here’s a family-friendly game.

Hopscotch. Quite clearly, it is the more innocent variation of the glass stepping game, with no blood to be shed.


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Do any of these childhood games get you reminiscing about the past? Grab a friend and try these games out!