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10 Australian Spring Holidays We Look Forward To Experiencing In 2022

Spring is a wonderful time to travel in Australia. The country is painted in floral hues, the weather is agreeable, and the crowds are calmer. Best of all, the rates are cheaper! Spring is considered a shoulder season, so it’s the best time to travel if you want to evade the high costs as well as extreme weather. 

We’re planning early for the spring holidays in 2022 and these are the best spring destinations in Australia everybody should have on their bucket list!




via Floriade Australia

The best thing to do during spring is to enjoy the fresh blooms and what better place to be than the capital Canberra, the site of the biggest spring festival Floriade? Every year without fail, the city bursts with colour from thousands of flowers — and we’ll be sure to witness it again in 2022. Aside from the festival, it’s also a great time to visit Canberra’s museums and theme parks that also blossom in spring. 




via Jacaranda Festival

Sydney has pleasant weather in spring — low rainfall and comfortable temperatures. It has its own festival that celebrates a particularly well-loved purple flower: jacaranda. Jacaranda Festival in Grafton is usually held from late October to early November. Apart from this, images of the sparkling harbour and places such as the Opera House make us look forward to the next spring holiday in Sydney.




via Weyne Yew on Unsplash

Every season is a great excuse to go on a holiday in Melbourne, but in spring — we love to get inspired and artsy in the garden city! It is the venue for the long-running Melbourne Fringe Festival which makes art accessible to many. After some artistic expression, sipping wine and relaxing in a nearby hot spring are also activities we love in spring.




via Tourism Queensland

For more dose of culture and art in various forms — visual, music, dance, theatre — Brisbane has also made it to our spring bucket list. It is host to the annual Brisbane Festival or Brisfest held every September, complemented by scenery of jacaranda blossoms blanketing the city. Queensland’s capital is the perfect spring holiday not only for artists and art lovers but also for families looking to have a good time.




via South Australia Tourism

Another destination that brings great pleasure to the senses is Adelaide, also known as the festival city. Images of an Adelaide spring holiday are composed of colourful fests at the city centre, wine and food pairings at a winery, and adorable joeys at the nearby Kangaroo Island.





via Australia’s Coral Coast Tourism

Perth is another bustling spring holiday destination that we look forward to visiting every year. The city gets a stunning makeover from vast spreads of wildflowers, and there are lots of vibrant spring festivities such as the Kings Park Festival and the Perth Royal Show.



The Whitsundays

via Unsplash / KKday Supplier

You’d think summer is the best time to hit the beach. But if you’re like us who like to avoid the scorching sun and the wallet-lightening travel costs, you’d rather visit the Whitsundays in spring. Besides, the crowds are also smaller and there’s a better chance you can savour the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the glistening beaches to yourself.



Byron Bay

via Sarah Sparnenn on Unsplash

Another beach destination we can’t stop thinking about is Byron Bay, which has the loveliest weather in spring with low rainfall. It’s a great time to enjoy beach activities with fewer tourists, including whale watching. There’s also the Sample Food Festival that showcases the region’s mouthwatering offerings.



Gold Coast

via KKday Supplier

The Gold Coast is another spring holiday we’re always excited about. Our minds fly to sunny spring days enjoying seafood at the beach, pedalling a bicycle on a mountain trail, floating over the countryside on a hot air balloon, and adoring whales in the sea.




via Tourism Australia

We love Tasmania for its breathtaking landscapes, the wilderness, and its many natural wonders — including those that occur in the sky. The spring holiday experience we look forward to the most in Tasmania is witnessing the Southern Lights, a spectacular dancing lights show held by nature every spring equinox in September.


Just thinking about these places makes us eager for the next spring holidays to come! It’s never too early to plan for travel, so be sure to check out these destinations and find experiences to fill your spring itinerary on KKday!



*Featured image via Floriade Australia, Jacaranda Festival, KKday Supplier, Tourism Australia