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How To Make The Best Of Your Getaway To The Whitsundays

Breathtaking scenery above and beneath the ocean surface, an unparalleled abundance of marine and wildlife, immersion in the Great Barrier Reef — the Whitsundays is probably the most accurate representation of paradise on Earth. The Whitsundays is composed of 74 tropical islands, most of which are protected national parks with a lot of opportunities for you to explore. The archipelago’s awe-inspiring beauty flows through the waters, the air, the sand, and the forest soils. With that, the best getaway at Whitsundays should cover all of these areas.

Here are things you can do to make the best out of your getaway to the Whitsundays!



Overnight Encounter with the Great Barrier Reef

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There’s no better place to start than the beating heart of life underwater and on earth: the Great Barrier Reef. And this Reefsleep experience responds to the need for more than just a few hours to get intimate and revel at this great natural wonder. Spend one night under the stars and two days above an underwater paradise on a permanently moored pontoon by Reefsleep over Hardy Reef in the Great Barrier. This offshore retreat is also filled with activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and riding a mini-submarine.



See the Great Barrier Reef from the Sky

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After your intimate overnight encounter with the Great Barrier Reef, it’s time to get a bigger picture of just how magnificent it is, along with the Whitsundays’ stunning islands, from the sky’s viewpoint. Scenic flights via seaplane or helicopter are among the top experiences at the Whitsundays. Get the thrill of your life and soar over the islands and the reefs — with views you can’t otherwise find on any trail below. Many tours also complement the flights with cruise experiences for better immersion.



Explore the Islands on a Boat

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Wherever there are islands, boat tours are an indispensable part of the trip! And when it comes to the Whitsundays, with its dozens of breathtaking islands, sailing experiences let you freely drift from island to island. All the while, uncover secluded inlets and find your own special spot for snorkelling and other water activities. 



Fill Up with Adrenaline from Water Sports

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Water activities are also a must in a destination like the Whitsundays. Jet-skiing is particularly popular because the adrenaline rush is coupled with amazing encounters with marine life such as sea turtles and large fish species. Whiz through the waters at your own pace and make endless discoveries in the teeming waters!



Discover More Beauty Inland

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There’s also much beauty to be had away from the reefs and the deeper waters. The Whitehaven Beach, besides its world-renowned swirling white silica sand, is also a camping haven — in addition to Hook Island. Hamilton Island has amazing hiking and walking trails, while Airlie Beach harbours a vibrant local food and market scene as well as access to rainforests and waterfalls.



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