Find Your Thrill At AJ Hackett Sentosa Skypark!

AJ Hackett Sentosa Skypark is a 17-storey, 50-metre tower situated on Siloso Beach. You won’t miss it as it’s a mere 3-stop ride on the Beach Shuttle. Choose your adventure according to your risk appetite, from the Skybridge with a covered walkway, to bungy jumping off the park. In fact, this is the only place in Singapore you can bungy jump in Singapore!

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The Skybridge is an H-shaped bridge where you can have an unobstructed view of the beach and the cable cars in the distance. The bridge is sturdy and the floor is a flat base with no gaps in between.   

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The time limit of 1 hour is more than enough for a mini-photo shoot for your socials. A selfie against the expanse of greenery with cable cars dotting the sky in the background? Perfect.

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There are multiple glass sections that thoughtfully placed along the side of the bridge for the acrophobic. If you want to feel the world beneath your feet, you can do so safely, as these bulletproof panels are built to last.

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Once you feel less fearful, try stepping into the glass cube. Your heart may skip a beat due to the cube’s slanted base and front panel, but it gives you a 360° view of the sky, sun, sand and sea. We hear the sunset view is even more stunning!

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Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is the only one of its kind in Singapore. You can choose to go solo or with a friend as you stand 40 metres above the beach. Release the trigger, and you’ll be propelled across the beach across the stunning Sentosa shoreline. While there is no minimum age limit, there are weight limits. 

  • Minimum individual weight: 60kg (SOLO SWING)
  • Minimum weight per person: 30kg (GROUP OF 2-3)
  • Minimum height: 120cm
  • Maximum combined weight: 300kg
  • Maximum individual weight: 150kg
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If you’ve always wanted the ability to fly, you’ll get to try it at AJ Hackett Sentosa Skypark. You’ll be strapped to a GoPro which videos the entire swinging experience.

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Bungy Jump

Depending on your appetite for extreme sports, you may have two very different reactions to this activity. Bungy jumping is certainly not for the weak-hearted. However, at 47 metres tall, you might be somewhat relieved to know that it is one of the shortest AJ Hackkett bungy jumping platforms in the world. The highest platform in the world is in Macau, at 233-metres.

With a perfect safety record, you can trust the professional crew to guide you as you leap off the 17-storey platform. You can request a water touch into the pool below at no extra charge. You will also have a Go-Pro strapped to your wrist to capture your entire experience. It’s definitely worth a try.

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via KKday

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