The World’s Most Beautiful Flower & Tree Tunnels

Some flower or tree tunnels are the work of Mother Nature herself. Some, the results of a little help, witting or unwitting, from man. What is true of all of them though, is that it is tough for photos to do proper justice to these wonders and provide the sense of amazement and surreal feeling that passing through one of these movie-like phenomena provides. Here’s 5 of the best!

The Wisteria Flower Tunnel

Flickr | Wicker Paradise

Kawachi Fuji Garden, in Fukuoka Japan, is actually a private garden, it’s not often advertised and visitors are only permitted for a short spell in autumn and spring. Pink, purple and white wisteria are planted over a couple of tunnels, domes and trellises that visitors can walk through and under. The results of the hanging flowers in glorious full bloom, usually from late April to mid May, are astounding.


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Flickr | Alexander De Leon Battista

Kyoto is famous for it’s remarkable temples and history, it would be a mistake however, to leave the city before heading to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Head to the west side of Kyoto and step into the seemingly never ending, unreal forest of bamboo stalks.

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Tunnel of Love

Flickr | Kashif Pathan

This dreamy, leafy tunnel is said to grant the wishes of couples whose love is true. The Love Tunnel, located in a Ukrainian forest, near the town of Kleven, is home to the incredible results of nature adapting to a man made structure. It’s used by a private train transporting wood from the forest to a nearby factory. Over many years of the train passing through, the woodland has molded into this unique passageway.

The Dark Hedges

Flickr | horslips5

An avenue of intertwined beech trees, planted in the 18th century is probably the most photographed place in Northern Ireland. The Dark Hedges, on Bregagh Road, in the borough of Ballymoney flits between stunningly beautiful to hauntingly eerie and attracts photographers no matter the time, weather or season, with each supporting the avenue in it own unique way. Legend has it that the trees are even haunted by the “Grey Lady” who wanders the avenue at dusk.

Path up to Halnaker Windmill

Credit : Rob Farrow

The small, quiet village of Halnaker in West Sussex is home to an old 16th century windmill which sticks out and serves as a landmark for the sleepy English countryside. On a pathway leading towards Halnaker Windmill is a tree tunnel that looks as though it was taken out of a children’s fantasy tale.

Gyeonghwa Station and Yeojwacheon Stream

Both of these tunnels, Gyeonghwa Station and Yeojwacheon Stream, are in Jinhae, South Korea. Jinhae is a city just west of Busan that celebrates the blooming of thousands of cherry blossom trees, every spring, with the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. During the festival, there are citywide activities and events to get in involved with and many beautiful locations blessed with cherry blossom trees. Two of the best spots feature tunnels, one over Yeojwacheon stream where you can walk alongside or over a bridge peering down at the petals floating gracefully along the water. Another is Gyeonghwa Railway, a 800 meter long railway track with cherry blossom trees on both sides. The train service through here has been discontinued since 2006, allowing people a stroll through this Hollywood-esque romantic setting.

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