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Must-Try Bubble Tea Places In Thailand

Bubble tea—a delicious drink from Taiwan that has spilled over to Thailand and the rest of the world. A tasty combination of tea, milk, chewy tapioca pearls, and an endless variety of add-ons, bubble tea is a delightful treat, whether as a snack, dessert, or movie grub. A refreshing glass is definitely a great drink to sip on your next drama marathon on Viu. Right now, we’re still crazy over Thai rom-com My Bubble Tea, but the best-sellers from these top six bubble tea places in Thailand will go well with any romantic comedy, crime, or drama that’s on your must-watch list.



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Must-Try Drink: Golden Bubble Milk Tea

Arguably the best and most popular boba tea hotspot in the country, KOI Thé is an institution with more than 40 branches in Thailand and even more worldwide. Most of the ingredients are imported from Taiwan, making the bubble tea experience here especially fresh and authentic. Foodies also rave over the brand’s signature golden bubbles, which are extra soft and bouncy—exactly the perfect pair to rich, creamy milk tea.  

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Mr. Shake

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Must-Try Drink: Bubble Milk Tea

For a tried-and-tested local favorite, visit Mr. Shake. The shop has been around for more than two decades, so it’s not surprising that they’ve got their brews down pat. The sweet drinks appeal to sugar-loving diners, as well as anyone who enjoys the taste of Thai tea. The shop features a wide array of drinks so every guest can choose their own favorite, but Bubble Milk Tea and Hana Horlick Milk Tea are great choices. 

Besides being very tasty, Mr. Shake’s boba drinks are very affordable, and going back for more won’t make a dent in your wallet!

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ATM Tea Bar

via ATM Tea Bar Facebook page

Must-Try Drink: Milk Tea Bomb, Childhood Memory

In a boba-loving country, it might be difficult to stand out but ATM Tea Bar manages to do it with extra style to boot! The next-level bubble tea experience involves ordering a drink via an ATM screen, then receiving a vibrant and Instagram-worthy refreshment that’s ready for its moment. High-quality ingredients like fresh milk and freshly brewed local and international teas are used to make sure that every cup from ATM Tea Bar tastes just as good as it looks. 

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Cha Bar

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Must-Try Drink: Classic Milk Cha with Riceberry Boba, Orange Dark Chocolate

While Cha Bar hasn’t been in the bubble milk tea market for very long, it has already found a loyal following of health-conscious foodies. The bubble tea bar promises a relatively guilt-free boba experience with zero refined sugar in all of the products. Instead, Cha Bar uses top-notch organic ingredients like coconut sugar, northern Thai cacao beans, and even homemade riceberry boba. From the classic flavors (Classic Milk Cha) to more exciting options (Orange Dark Chocolate), clean-eating milk tea lovers will find plenty to enjoy here. 

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Cha Tra Mue

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Must-Try Drink: Thai Tea 

Another well-established tea brand in Thailand is Cha Tra Mue, which has been crafting original Thai tea since 1945. The shop’s well-honed brewing techniques mean that every serving is unbelievably flavorful, making Cha Tra Mue a fan favorite among tea lovers. While the best-sellers tend to be on the sweeter side, guests can request a lower sugar level on their drinks. Low-calorie and zero-sugar options are also available. 

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BRIX Dessert Bar

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Must-Try Drink: Black Sugar Bubble Milk Tea

BRIX is first and foremost a dessert bar, but the café mixed their tea so well that locals and tourists kept coming back for their award-winning brew. Nowadays, their bubble tea is amazingly popular among Thailand locals and tourists, especially paired with the café’s yummy pancakes and pastries. And a major plus: you can add alcohol to your bubble tea at BRIX! 

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via Viu

Right now, an extra-large glass of bubble tea is a craving that goes perfectly with our current favorite Thai drama My Bubble Tea. The fantasy rom-com tells the story of a woman who concocts a magical brew of bubble tea to get her handsome boss to fall in love with her. In a funny twist of fate, her arch-enemy accidentally drinks the special brew and becomes infatuated with her. No spoilers, but this is a fun Thai drama with charming characters and an entertaining storyline—and at just 13 episodes, it’s a quick and easy watch.

Download the Viu app and watch more Asian dramas like My Bubble Tea to inspire your next food and travel cravings.



*Featured photos via ATM Tea Bar, BRIX Dessert Bar, and CHA BAR BKK Facebook pages