5 Thrilling Trips To The Top That Will Challenge Your Fear Of Heights In Australia

Not everyone might like the sound of getting dangled thousands of feet above the ground, but there’s no doubt that it’s a thrill everyone wants to conquer. Even if it does seem like a terrifyingly difficult feat to achieve, the best way to go about it is to simply do it.

If you want to challenge your fear of heights, there are loads of ways to go about it, especially in the land down under! Here are 5 adventures you can take in Australia so you can say goodbye to your fear of heights!




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There are loads of skydiving experiences in Australia you can take, all with breathtaking views of the country’s lush landscapes. But if you happen to find yourself at Sunshine Coast, the Noosa Skydive Experience is the perfect one for you! Admire the sunny coast’s beachfront scenery from 15,000 feet off the ground, and land right at the Sunshine Coast after freefalling for 5–7 minutes. Get a glimpse of the area’s amazing views of the coast’s surf beaches and Hinterland Beach, too. 



Hot Air Balloon Ride

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If you want to experience all the height in a more relaxed, calm atmosphere, you can take a Hot Air Balloon Ride at the Gold Coast! Float with the clouds on this scenic 60-minute ride and be greeted by the lovely views of Queensland, followed by the stunning sunrise! Try to spot Australia’s adorable wildlife from below, such as grazing sheep, and even kangaroos hopping around the fields. 



Helicopter Flight

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For a truly unique trip up in the skies, go for the Scenic Helicopter Flight Over Whitsundays, Heart Reef. Marvel at the breathtaking sights of the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best part? You get to take in all the views from a helicopter! Spend 75 minutes admiring the area’s 2,900 individual reefs, 900 islands, and 2,300 kilometers of land and sea. Perfect for intimate dates with loved ones or family, this will definitely be a flight to remember!



Skydeck Trip

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For some of the highest views of Melbourne, head over to the Eureka Skydeck. This 88-story building will treat you to 360° views of Melbourne, and even a glimpse of Mount Dandenong from afar! Zoom your way to the top in 38 seconds with the building’s elevator, which is the fastest elevator in the Southern Hemisphere! If you really want to put your fears to the test, spend a few moments standing on The Edge, a little building extension with see-through glass floors that allow you to look straight down onto Melbourne’s busy city streets.



Sydney Tower Feast

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If you want to spice up your usual lunch outs, then grab a bite with a view at the SkyFeast at Sydney Tower! Get guaranteed window tables at this one-of-a-kind rotating restaurant. Admire the views of famous landmarks like the Darling Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the majestic Blue Mountains– 82 floors above the ground! Pair the views with some delicious eats and enjoy the delicious buffet spread that renowned Head Chef Stefan Schröder has prepared for the brave (and hungry) guests!



If you’re ready to finally take the leap that will, quite literally, get rid of your fear of heights, then now’s your chance! Book any of these sky-high adventures with KKday, and enjoy special perks, deals, and rates so you can save up while you scale up! 


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