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A Guide To At-Home Spotify Playlists For Lockdown Blues

There’s nothing quite like music to transform the mundane into something better, right? It’s almost magical how a great song can instantly lift the spirits or turn a regular night into a party. And right now, we need this magic more than ever.

More than a year into the global pandemic, and we’re right back where we started—indoors. And while it may be necessary, the lockdown restrictions leave many people struggling with anxiety, stress, loneliness, and loss. Besides reaching out to a therapist or a trusted friend, one of the ways to cope with these negative emotions is listening to music. In fact, an AARP survey revealed that adults who listen to music tend to score higher on mental well-being and show slightly reduced levels of anxiety and depression.

Most music lovers and Spotify subscribers have their own “comfort” playlist they turn to when they’re feeling down. But if you’re looking for a new at-home Spotify playlist to get you through a tough day, we’ve put together a few of our favorites. Relax, turn up the music, and let these melodies soothe your spirits.



If you want to attract feelings of peace and relaxation

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Shake off the bad vibes by listening to Solfeggio frequencies, which are unique tones that research has found to promote positive energy and relieve mental, emotional, and physical distress. Different frequencies address different emotions, but the 432 Hz frequency is believed to be especially calming and soothing. Music tuned to this frequency is often used for yoga, meditation, and sleep.

There are plenty of 432 Hz songs and playlists on Spotify, but our go-to is this one: 432 Hz – Deep Healing by Miracle Tones.



If you’re in the mood to look back on the best times of your life

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For better or for worse, nostalgia is a powerful tool. When things aren’t going well, a great song from better days can transport you to happier times and improve your mood. In a recent study set in the United Kingdom, researchers showed that listening to nostalgic music to regulate emotions and to reflect on the past has an overall positive effect on well-being.

Do you wish you could go back to the 90s? We feel you. Here’s a great 90s Acoustic playlist for a mellow blast to the past to the good old days.



If you need to focus

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We all have those days when work is calling, but the mind just isn’t on board. Gently guide yourself back to your to-do list with tunes that enhance your concentration. Specifically, classical and ambient music are both found to help people focus on tasks and improve productivity.

Here’s our pick for your upcoming study or work session: Classical Focus, to keep you on track with your goals.



If you’re looking forward to future adventures

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Sometimes, all we need is something to look forward to. An adventure lined up in the future can help you get through mundane days at home where the days and weeks blur into each other. If you’re dreaming of the open road, turn to road trip tunes that are fun, infectious, and promising of better days ahead.

Put on our favorite playlist Outback Tracks to scratch your travel itch and start planning your journey to Australia’s spectacular natural attractions.



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