10 Reasons Why Wildlife Reserves Singapore Is Still Lit AF

Wildlife Reserves Singapore will always be a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the top spots in Singapore where fun and education come together to bring guests unforgettable experiences in the midst of nature. Here, we list down 10 reasons why it remains to be among our favorite places in the country:



Multimedia sensory night trail in the forest? YAS.

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Being in the Zoo at night? It hits different. Back for its third and final season,  Rainforest Lumina is a multi-sensorial night trail in the Singapore Zoo with over 10 sensory zones. See how a part of the Zoo is transformed into an entirely different world at night. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.


Find your spirit animal among the Creature Crew

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In Rainforest Lumina, there are eight animals that make up the Creature Crew that will guide you along the 1KM trail. Each animal embodies a unique virtue that strengthens the unbreakable bond between humans, animals, and nature. Do you want to be more resilient like Waja the pangolin, or generous like Poncho the Flying Fox? Be won over by Bob the playful otter conducting a symphonic digital thunderstorm.


Venture into the dark through the Creatures of the Night show

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Otters, binturongs, civets, and other animals are the stars of this interactive show. How many degrees can an owl turn its head? How powerful are a spotted hyena’s jaws? How high can an African serval leap? Catch them showcase their natural talents in the highly popular show that is Creatures of the Night.

This show is a highlight not to be missed. Queues start more than 30 minutes before the show, so be prepared to stand in line.


Traverse the four walking trails, or chill on a guided tram ride

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Did you know there are over 1,000 creatures from 120 species that call the Night Safari home? Hop on a tram that takes you on a guided 45-minute tour of the Safari that seamlessly combines seven geographical regions, including the Himalayan Foothills, Equatorial Africa, and the rainforests of Asia. You’ll only get to meet majestic Chawang, the Safari’s resident Asian elephant if you take the tram. If you’re up for some walking, the four walking trails will let you explore the Safari at your own pace.



Feed the animals in the zoo

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Always wanted to become a zookeeper, but never got a chance to? Get up close to the animals at the zoo through its feeding sessions for its giraffes, white rhinos, goats, elephants, and giant tortoises. Slots are extremely limited, but here’s a pro-tip: book your feeding tickets on a weekday afternoon!


Step into an equatorial rainforest called the Fragile Forest

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This 20,000-cubic metre dome replicates an equatorial rainforest habitat with wildlife in exhibits that replicate natural habitats in the wild. From Malayan flying foxes that swoop above to timid mousedeer hiding in the bushes, there are creatures both big and small for you to observe.



Learn about reptiles with a RepTopia Tour

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Snakes and lizards big and small can be found in Reptopia, and for a closer encounter with the cold-blooded reptiles, join a tour in the RepTopia office. You will get to feed the reptiles and take selfies with them.



Animal-watch from an open-top boat

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If walking is too basic for you, go and hop on a boat! The Amazon River Quest will take you down a simulated Amazon River adventure where you can spot the mysterious jaguar, giant anteater, and Brazilian Tapir!

View the animals living in the Amazon Flooded Forest

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During the rainy season, the Amazon river has extensive forested areas that become flooded with water more than 9 metres deep. In this replicated exhibit, see how manatees, arapaimas and other riverine creatures coexist and build up their fat reserves for the dry season.




Enjoy a panoramic view high on top of a waterfall aviary

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At a height of 35m (or 13 storeys), the Waterfall Aviary houses one of the world’s tallest man-made indoor waterfalls. It’s a massive walk-in aviary and you’ll get to see starlings flying overhead, or guineafowl patter across the pavement. 



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Words by: Jamie Koh