3 Awesome Perth Beach Adventures For Some Fun Under The Sun

After more than a year of trying to stay safe by staying indoors, it doesn’t look like the pandemic is going away any time soon. While it sucks living through these frustrating times, it doesn’t mean we need to be cooped up in our houses for the rest of it.

Indoor tourist activities might have decreased to avoid any virus transmission, but outdoor, open space activities have definitely gained new popularity. In particular, people are loving trips to the beach. Its wide, spacious areas make for some safe, socially distanced, and fun times. Plus you get to take in the warmth of the sun, the beautiful sights, and the soothing sound of the waves. You really can’t go wrong with a lovely beach adventure, so this is your sign to take one now! Here are four wonderful beach adventures in Perth you can take for some safe fun under the sun!



Whale Watching

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Coming face to face with one of the world’s largest, most majestic creatures will definitely get your mind off of the past year’s woes. This Rottnest Island 2 Hour Whale Watching Cruise will give you the best view of their annual migration along the Western Australian Coastline. Thanks to the ship’s wide-open deck space, you can also enjoy this spectacular sight from a safe distance from everyone else. 



Jetty Tour

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There’s more to these long connecting structures than meets the eye. Not only does it bring you closer to the waves, but it’s also packed with fun activities. The Busselton Jetty is the perfect example of this. As the longest wooden-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, it is jam-packed with activities you can do. Hop on the Jetty Train Ride, or go on an Underwater Observatory Tour! You won’t run out of things to do or sights to see at this quaint little area along Geographe Bay.



Beach Biking 

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Breathtaking sights of the ocean are enough to lift your spirits up, so what more if you get to do this while pedaling around on a bike? This Rottnest Island Ferry and Bicycle Experience takes you on a cruise to get you to the most secluded, untouched parts of the area for some private, isolated exploring. Not only are you safe from big crowds, but you’re also sure to be calm and relaxed the whole time. If you simply want to explore the beach views around the Perth area, you can opt for the Perth Sunset Coast Bike Hire deal. Get a comfort bike, a helmet, and even a map of the West Coast Drive!



It might take a while before life goes back to normal, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. So don’t spend your time waiting indoors. Step out (safely) and keep exploring the beautiful beach spots of Perth! Make sure to get your tickets with KKday, and enjoy exclusive deals and discounts for your fun little outdoor adventures.



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