5 Outdoor Adventures In Australia That Bring You Closer To Nature

While Australia’s known for lots of amazing things like its world-class buildings, mouthwatering cuisine, and wicked theme parks, nothing beats the stunning beauty of its outdoors. 

Exploring Australia’s breathtaking nature and taking in all its vast beauty is something you shouldn’t miss out on when you head over to the land down under. While there are literally endless activities you can take to experience the country’s natural beauty, it’s best to start you off with a few. Here are five exciting outdoor adventures you can take in Australia: 




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No trip to Australia is complete without a skydiving leap. This thrilling activity also allows you to get a one-of-a-kind view of all the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and forests that Australia has to offer. Go on the Mission Beach Skydive Experience and get to view Dunk Island and its reefs and rainforests 15,000 feet above the ground. The best part? You get to land on the most beautiful Mission Beach drop zone, right by the waves! 



Horseback Riding

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Getting to travel around on horseback is exciting enough as it is, but this fun adventure brings it a notch higher. Go on this Horse Riding Along Byron Bay Beach Ride, and explore all seven miles of this beautiful island aboard your trusty steed! Suited for all riders, you can avail of this exciting beach trip as an expert, beginner, or even a leisurely rider. Experience one of the most unique Byron Bay beach tours now!



Scuba Diving

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Australia’s got tons of beaches and islands where you can take this fun underwater adventure, but this Scuba Diving Adventure in Mornington Peninsula has got a special little treat for all the folks who wish to explore their marine life. Get the chance to see Australia’s beautiful Weedy Sea Dragon, and marvel at its colorful reddish, yellow, and purple markings. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because the little critter is often hard and rare to find.



Forest Tour

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This Dandenong Ranges Tour will bring you right to the heart of one of Australia’s best forests. See eucalyptus and towering fern trees as far as the eye can see, and spot some Lyrebirds while you’re at it too. This tour also makes a pitstop to the William Ricketts Sanctuary, where you can learn and admire the rich Aboriginal culture of the area.



Everglade Cruise

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Make your way to the Sunshine Coast and explore one of the two existing everglade systems on the entire planet with this Noosa Everglades Cruise! This full day of nature basking lets you experience calming nature walks, wildlife spotting, and delicious tea time breaks at the beautiful Noosa Everglades.


Nature is truly one of our planet’s greatest gifts, and there’s no better place to experience it than in Australia’s lush lands. Experience stunning views, diverse wildlife, and clean and clear waters with these fun Australia adventures. Don’t miss out and book these with KKday to enjoy special deals and discounts! 



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