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Travel From A To Ozzie: Get To Know KKday, Asia’s Leading Travel-Experience Platform

Amid the proliferation of tour operators and flight and hotel booking sites in the era of travel, KKday fills a gaping hole—with authentic and personalized experiences that allow greater flexibility and spontaneity. This Asian-born travel startup has gone around the world and recently landed on the land down under, Australia, to spread a new kind of adventure in travel. Get to know KKday and the experiences that await on the travel e-commerce platform!



Innovative Travel Startup

So what is KKday here for? In the most basic sense, KKday is a travel e-commerce company. But it’s not your ordinary tour booking site; KKday is more than that. The platform is well-stocked with tour packages, local activities, travel essentials, and other travel deals you can book anytime, anywhere. And the products are called “experiences” rather than tours. These experiences are curated by a team of travel experts and reviewed by fellow travelers.

KKday is backed by investors such as Monk’s Hill Ventures, H.I.S., Line, Alibaba, and Cool Japan Fund and partnered with industry leaders in tourism, hospitality, and payments. It now has a presence in over 550 cities in a hundred countries, including Singapore, Japan, the USA, and Australia.

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Guided Tours or DIY—Freedom Is Yours

KKday is the place to be for anyone who likes to travel—be it millennials, boomers, or Gen Zers. Families, couples, or solo backpackers. Holidaymakers or business travelers. KKday has personalized recommendations tailored to everyone’s unique interests, needs, and budget. 

On the site, you can look through top local destinations, travel promotions, traveler recommendations, and seasonal products. Aside from tours, KKday also offers products that are attractive for the DIY traveler—essentials such as SIM cards, pocket WiFi, car rentals, and transportation cards. 

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Tight-Knit Community of Travelers

via Duy Pham on Unsplash

KKday is built by travelers for travelers, and they remain to be the backbone of the company. Aside from travel experts at KKday who meticulously curate products and merchants, travel-loving contributors and users of the platform make up the KKday Blog and product reviews. Uncover travel secrets and insider tips that ensure your experience will be authentic and truly local, wherever your destination is.

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Smart & On-the-Go Booking

KKday is available as a web and mobile app that you can access on your PC browser, mobile, or tablet. Everything you need is on one platform—bookings, e-tickets, customer service, reviews, and travel tips. If you’re a planner, you can make bookings as early as a few months in advance and keep track of them on the website or app. If you like being spontaneous, that’s fine too! You can book experiences as you see them, even while you’re on the road, as long as you’ve got the mobile app. 

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Adapted to the Times

Proving to be more than just a travel company, KKday promptly adapts to the population’s evolving needs. In the new normal, KKday offers ways to ease the traveler’s wanderlust with virtual tours, accessible staycations, safe travel options, and COVID-19 essentials. At the same time, it equips people with the things they need to make staying at home more worthwhile, from food delivery to online workshops and health and wellness products.

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From the tropics to the arctic and down under—up to the comfort of your own home—KKday has all the adventures that make the world worth exploring. Start fulfilling your dream travel now!