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A Rough Guide To Making That Yarra Valley Trip Happen

Being cooped up in the house for too long can place some fun little fantasies in one’s head. Surely, you’ve thought of the adventures you’re going to have once the pandemic dust settles. It can’t be helped, especially since the view from your phone or tablet screen just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Loads of people want to experience the great outdoors again, which is why it’s no surprise that the Yarra Valley is one of the top-searched destinations right now (and probably why you’re here too, right?). With the pandemic restrictions easing little by little, now’s the perfect time to go for that adventure to stunning wine territory. But as with all great trips, great planning and prepping needs to take place. So if you want to experience the ultimate Yarra Valley Wine Getaway trip, read on! Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything you need to do to make it happen.



Figure Out How To Get There

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While the Yarra Valley is a little far from Melbourne, there are lots of ways to get there. It’s fairly easy to travel by car, and many routes are available for you to take– from quick and easy, to long and scenic. Car rentals are available as well.  Another option is to hire a transport service, and it’ll only take a quick search to find an offer. And while getting there by public transportation might be a little tricky, there are still trains that can get you to Hurstbridge, Lilydale, or Belgrave. 



Check The Weather

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Since many of the adventures you’re going to take in the Yarra Valley are outdoors, it’ll be a huge bummer if it starts to rain while you’re there. To make sure you don’t experience this nightmare, check out the weather forecasts of the day you want to go there before making any further plans. It only takes a second to do, and it’ll save you a lot of time and tears, too!



Craft Your Itinerary Now

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The Yarra Valley’s got loads of fun activities to choose from. From wine tasting to specialty store visits, and even railway tours! So to make the most out of your stay, get ready with the list of mini-adventures you want to take. The best part of having an itinerary is when you cross all the activities off your list with still some extra time to spare! 



Book Your Trip In Advance

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Of course, you can also just get yourself a tour package to make life easier! With KKday, you can choose between a food tasting trip around the Yarra Valley, or opt for one that brings you around the Yarra Valley on a cute little railway. Enjoy a hassle-free day with these tours, as all the trips, transportation, and meals are already covered. 

What are you waiting for, go plan that Yarra Valley trip now! If you’re looking for other adventures you can do in Australia, be sure to check out KKday!



*Featured image via Yarra Valley