Must-Try Watersports And Activities in Boracay

Boracay is known as one of the best island destinations in the Philippines. Many people love to visit the place because of its amazing beaches, white sand, and clear waters.

In Boracay, many things happen during the day. From early morning to evening, this place is full of fun and entertainment. For those who love to try watersports, there is a lot to experience here. Here are some must-try watersports experiences in Boracay for thrill-seekers.



Banana Boat Ride

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Experience the fun and thrill of the banana boat ride. Hang tight aboard a banana-shaped boat, and get ready to be drenched. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride along the shores of Boracay as a speedboat tows your boat. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or not, this ride is sure to excite you. Pro tip: Sit in the middle. Those in front typically get wet, while those at the back may have a more difficult time holding on.



UFO Ride

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Do you want to make a splash on your island getaway? Then sit back on a UFO, an inflatable spaceship pulled by a speedboat across the waters. Tag your friends along and make this aquatic adventure an unforgettable part of your Boracay escape. Pro tip: A UFO ride is easier to manage but is just as exhilarating.



Poparazzi Ride

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Have you ever wondered how the paparazzi manage to hide, crouching with their heavy cameras? Well, they probably work their arms and grip by riding the Poparazzi. It’s a new thrilling activity on an inflatable, involving speed, sharp turns, and lots of laughs. Surrender to the rush and hang on as you glide across Boracay’s waters. Pro tip: The Poparazzi can take up to three passengers, but only one person can stand on top.



Helmet Diving

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Experience Boracay with an underwater helmet dive for an aquanaut experience. Dive to the bottom of the sea without wetsuits or heavy gear. Descend ten feet under the sea and witness beautiful marine life. Take home free souvenir photos of your helmet diving encounter and share them with your family and friends. Pro tip: The helmet will feel a lot lighter underwater.




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Try parasailing, where you get to see the beautiful Boracay shoreline from above the pristine waters. Feel the cool breeze as a boat pulls your parasail. Admire the clear sky, blue sea, and white sand. This exciting activity is best enjoyed with a friend or loved one, but a true adrenaline junkie would go solo. Pro tip: Schedule your parasailing adventure early in the morning, when the temperatures are cooler, the winds are light, and the sea is calmer.




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Master wakeboarding, a mix of snowboarding and surfing. Enjoy an exhilarating session at one of the most stunning beaches in the country. Ride the waves on the island of Boracay at a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour. The experience is one of a kind as you’ll be able to catch waves, ride the waves, and have yourself a great time. Pro tip: Keep your arms straight and your knees bent.



Jet Skiing

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Jet skiing is among Boracay’s most popular watersports. If you find yourself in Boracay, you have to partake in this high-adrenaline experience. Go on a speedy jet ski ride and let the seawater splash against you. Marvel at the tropical scenery of Boracay on board your personal watercraft. Pro tip: The activity is also safe since it’s done in a part of the island dedicated to jet skiing.



*Featured image via Darya Jum on Unsplash