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Easy Recipes From Around the World That You Can Whip up During the Rainy Season

Rainy days are here again. With the frequent drizzles and showers come the tasty dishes we’ve come to associate with the wet season. Thinking of what to cook when it’s raining outside? Check out our list of easy recipes from around the world. We’ve got Filipino classics, Asian favorites, and a few international recipes worth trying at home. Each one is perfect for those days when it’s raining cats and dogs, and you’re craving something comforting.



Chili Con Carne

As the temperature drops and the rain starts to fall, we look for something warm and filling to eat. Chili con carne is a delicious one-dish meal that isn’t difficult to make. Restaurateur, chef, and now YouTuber Myke “Tatung” Sarthou has a versatile version that includes chorizo Bilbao. Yum.



Egg Drop Soup

Are you tired of cooking soup out of a packet? Maybe you want something fresher and homemade? Egg drop soup is surprisingly simple to make. It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients, and you probably have them in your pantry. Allrecipes features recipes created and submitted by home cooks. This one featuring restaurant-style egg drop soup is a winner.



French Onion Soup

Perhaps you want something indulgent to go with your fancy family dinner. In that case, decadent French onion soup with its layers of gooey melted is your answer. There are hundreds of recipes on YouTube, and we had a hard time choosing one. Most recipes on the internet feature large-sized onions or imported cheeses. But Delish makes it looks effortless.



Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is not just a breakfast or Christmas staple. It can be savored all year round, and no one does hot chocolate better than us Filipinos. Celebrity Solenn Heussaff has her own go-to recipe for sikwate, the Bisaya term for Filpino tsokolate. She adds toasted rice crisps to her tablea concoction for an added pop and crunch. Sweet.





Lugaw quickly comes to mind when we think of rainy-day comfort food. The hot rice porridge is often served when someone at home has a cold or tummy ache. Yummy.PH has a lugaw recipe that’s easy to follow. For this video, though, Yummy adds pizazz with long-grain rice and boiled egg.




International fare doesn’t always have to be expensive or challenging to cook at home. Minestrone is a hearty Italian vegetable soup that will keep you warm and cozy in the rainy season. Authentic minestrone recipes feature cannellini beans, which may be harder to find. Instead, Australian supermarket chain Woolworths has this quick one-pot recipe that includes macaroni. Sounds delicious.



Satisfy your rainy-day cravings

We hope that, with this list, you’ve gotten plenty of recipe ideas for the weeks ahead. Looking for drinks to go with our satisfying soups and stews? Pair your meals with a tall glass of Moonleaf milk tea. The milk tea chain offers various beverages to sate your cravings. Take your pick from milk tea with an immunity boost to chocolate or coffee drinks to super-sweet brown sugar milk tea. Grab solo drinks or even a gallon today on KKday!




*Featured image via Vickie McCarty on Pixabay