Experience A Slice Of Europe In Singapore With These Spots and Activities

Other countries seem so far-flung in this era of restricted travel, but we won’t let ourselves be deprived of the escape that we need. Being the cultural melting pot that Singapore is, it’s quite easy to find various experiences that make you feel like you’re out of the country. And if you’re aching for a European vacation, you’ve got everything you need to ease that travel itch right in your own backyard!

Check out these spots and activities that offer a delectable slice of Europe in Singapore!



Black and White Houses of Singapore

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Many of the most Instagrammable spots in Singapore are full of colors, but Singapore’s black and white houses aim to stand out with their whitewashed, old-fashioned facade. These majestic mansions are remnants of the bygone British colonial era, giving you a taste not only of history but also of classic European architecture. About 500 black and white houses are scattered around Singapore; you can find many of them turned into restaurants, cafes, and bars at Dempsey Hill and Rochester Park. Other places you can check out are Ridley Park, Wessex Estate, and Mount Faber.



National Museum of Singapore

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Speaking of yore, another great place to indulge in history is the National Museum of Singapore. It is the country’s oldest museum and houses historical exhibitions and art galleries. The building itself is a sight to behold, a white neoclassical building that can easily be mistaken as a museum in the UK or Italy.

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Italian Dinner in the Sky 

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Any European excursion would not be complete without good food, and you can have it right here in Singapore with the Cable Car Sky Dining experience. Out of the three cabin themes you can choose from, the Fly Me to Italy Cabin takes your taste buds on a tour around romantic cities like Venice and Sicily whose flavors are featured throughout your four-course dinner. Everything is complemented with splendid views of the city at night—and wine! 

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Spanish Paella Cooking Party

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If you’d rather have a dinner party at home where you can feast with the whole family, why not learn a new dish that’s apt for the European theme? If you’ve got an appetite for rice or Spanish cuisine, try cooking paella! In this online paella cooking class (Mandarin), you’ll not only uncover the secrets of perfecting a paella. You’ll also learn more about Spanish culture and cuisine. It also includes a bonus of making sangria, the perfect drink to accompany your dish!

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Alhambra, Spain Virtual Tour

Now that you’ve learned how to cook paella, you can keep yourself full and energized while touring Alhambra—virtually! Alhambra is home to a spectacular, ancient red palace and fortress with a history that dates back to the 13th century. It is one of Spains most sought-after attractions especially for those who seek to be transported back in time. You can give yourself a taste of what a tour in Spain would feel like until you can finally set foot there yourself.

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Budapest Virtual Tour

Another dream destination in Europe that you should keep an eye on is Budapest. With the Castle District at its heart, the city is ideal for cultural and historical immersion as well as relaxation. And in this Chinese virtual tour that you can take at the comfort of your home, you’ll know exactly what makes Budapest stand out and get ideas for your own future travel to the city! Think of it as a virtual dry run!



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