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Japan Virtual Tours To Take With Dad On Father’s Day

Planning an awesome Father’s Day is a challenge these days but with a little creativity, it’s not impossible to craft a fun-filled day with the family. For a travel-loving dad, a trip to Japan may be the perfect gift. These virtual tours let you enjoy Harajuku’s outlandish fashion, Koedo-Kawagoe’s old-world charms, Tokyo Tower’s dizzying heights, and many more. For the upcoming Father’s Day, order a tray of sushi for Dad and settle in to virtually explore these fun-packed Japan destinations and activities.



Marvel At The Biggest Bronze Buddha Statue In The World


Destination: Ushiku Daibutsu in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Rising 120 meters (394 feet), the Ushiku Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Ushiku) is an impressive sight. Virtual tourists can actually enter the massive five-level Buddha, which features a golden sanctuary, a souvenir shop, and a sacred space where some of Buddha’s remains are enshrined. Other notable sites surrounding Ushiku Daibutsu are the two-story Hakkenmon Gate, cherry blossoms, a Pure Land garden, and Japan’s largest bronze incense burner.

Book the hour-long Ushiku Buddha virtual tour here.



Get A Taste Of Ancient And Futuristic Japan

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Destination: Asakusa and Akihabara in Tokyo

One of the most impressive things about Japan is how the country blends ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity that’s almost futuristic. This one-hour virtual walking tour captures the allure of both, taking you from the old-world vibe of Asakusa to buzzy Akihabara that’s also known as Electric Town. Both are iconic hotspots in Tokyo with Asakusa’s izakaya bars, classic Japanese architecture, and quaint gift shops and Akihabara’s manga shops, gashapon stores, and maid cafés.

Book the Asakusa and Akihabara virtual walking tour here.



Cruise Down The Dotombori River

Destination: Dotombori in Osaka

If a relaxing river cruise sounds like something you and your family would enjoy, this hour-long virtual tour is the perfect Father’s Day activity. Sail along the Dotombori River, a famous river in Osaka famous for flashy signs and billboards, glitzy neon lights, and lively restaurant scene. After the 20-minute cruise, the virtual experience will take you exploring the best street food in Japan with delicacies like okonomiyaki and takoyaki.

Book Dotombori river cruise and food street virtual tour here.



Explore The Renowned Koedo-Kawagoe Townscape

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Destination: Koedo-Kawagoe in Tokyo

The historic town of Koedo-Kawagoe feels like a window into the past with Edo-period wooden warehouses, ancient temples, and an old working bell tower known as Toki-no-Kane. It’s a charming experience for history-loving fathers with the tour offering a peek at the townscape’s rich history as a transportation and economic hub.

Book the Koedo-Kawagoe virtual walking tour here.



Bike Through The Fun-Packed Odaiba District

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Destination: Odaiba in Tokyo Bay

Hop on a (virtual) bike and head to Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay that’s especially popular for shopping and entertainment. It’s the home of many beloved attractions, including Palette Town, Aqua City Odaiba, and a 115-meter (377-foot) tall Ferris Wheel dubbed Daikanransha, among others. One of the best ways to explore the isle is by a pleasant bike ride, but for now, this virtual bike tour is a close second.

Book the Odaiba virtual bike tour here.



Visit The Most Fashionable Spots In Tokyo

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Destination: Harajuku, Tokyo

Trendy and colorful Harajuku is undoubtedly the center of fashion and cosplay in Tokyo. Even from afar in the comfort of your home, roaming through the district is a wholly mesmerizing experience. From the luxury shops in the upscale Omotesando neighborhood to the vibrant teenage culture of Takeshita Street, Harajuku is a must-visit for all shopaholics. Other notable sights in the virtual tour include Togo Shrine and animal cafés.

Book the Harajuku virtual walking tour here.



Fawn Over Friendly Deer At Nara Park

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Destination: Nara in Nara Prefecture, Honshu

One of the most popular destinations in Japan, Nara Park is home to many of the city’s major attractions including Kofukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple, and the Nara National Museum. But perhaps the most famous attraction of the sprawling park is its hundreds of adorable inhabitants: the deer. Considered a messenger from the gods, these friendly and freely roaming animals are everywhere in Nara Park!

Book the Nara Park virtual tour here.



Indulge In A Traditional Tea Ceremony

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Destination: Anywhere!

If you’d rather take part in an activity instead of sightseeing, this virtual tea ceremony and origami-making class is something that the whole family can enjoy. Both tea drinking and the art of paper folding are staples in Japanese culture—and offer a great way to celebrate Father’s Day!

Book the live tea ceremony and origami-making activity here.



Explore more Japanese virtual tours on KKday for activities that travelers from all over the world can enjoy. Happy Father’s Day!

*Featured photo via travelphotographer on Pixabay