The Best Appas In K-Dramas Worth Watching With Your Dad

There are many reasons why we love to watch K-dramas, and one of them is the family portrayal. We get to see a significant aspect of Korean culture, how a Korean household works and the values they’re founded on. We’ve become well-acquainted with the endearing term appa—and these are the exact people that come to mind whenever we hear the word. 

Away and missing your father? Or, just looking for a K-drama you can watch with dad this Father’s Day? Check out these most memorable appas and the K-dramas you can watch them on.



Park Sung-yeol (Son Hyun-joo) – Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class revolves around lead character Park Saeroyi’s (Park Seo-joon) revenge against a Korean food mogul for his father. And once you get to know his dad, you’ll understand why he’s hell-bent on doing so. Dad Park stood by his son even after a school scandal and was the one who instilled uncompromising moral values in Saeroyi. His fatherly love was also extended to Oh Soo-ah who was an orphan. 

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Do Chil-goo (Yoo Jae-myung) – Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

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The overall family dynamics in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon is pretty entertaining. Do Bong-soon’s (Park Bo-young) dad, in contrast to mom’s sharp personality, is passive and warm. He’s always supportive of his daughter, and he does ordinary things that make us think of our own father. He’s the kind of dad who pulls you aside after a nagging spell from mom and hands you money to treat yourself. 

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Kim Chang-gul (Ahn Gil-kang) – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Kim Bok-joo (Lee Sung-kyung) is following in her father’s footsteps as a weightlifter, and dad is expectedly supportive. However, in Bok-joo’s coming of age, she’s confronted with a lot of doubt and that’s when we see Kim Chang-gul as a really good father. He doesn’t force his own interest on Bok-joo but instead lets her take control of her life. All while being the funny and sweet abeoji that he is.

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Chae Chi-soo (Park Sang-myun) – Healer


If papa bear were a person, he’d be Chae Chi-soo. He is huggable and bubbly, and his heart is just as soft and huge. He laughs with his daughter, dances with her, and above all, protects her. If you didn’t know he’s Young-shin’s adoptive dad, you’d think they’re just like any other father and daughter. And that’s the beauty of it—Chae Chi-soo is the exact proof that fatherhood goes beyond blood. 

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Sung Dong-il – Reply Series

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Sung Dong-il the actor has played many characters, but we will always fondly remember him for his namesake dad role in the Reply series. He isn’t the perfect dad, just like nobody is. He has his own shortcomings and can lack patience at times, but we love his effort to make it up to each of his children—and that sweet smile that goes with his fatherly deeds. 

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Choi Gong-pil (Byun Hee-bong) – Pinocchio

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Let’s not forget that grandpas are also dads. And in Pinocchio, In-ha’s (Park Shin-hye) grandfather has become a dad to Ha-myeong (Lee Jong-suk) who took on the identity of grandpa’s departed son Dal-po. In one of the most tear-jerking scenes of the show, grandpa reveals that he adopted Ha-myeong of his own will despite being aware that he wasn’t his real son all along. And yet again, we are reminded that unconditional love exists even without blood relation.

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*Featured image via JTBC & tvN