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Relax And Get Fit At Home With These Activities

When was the last time you entered a spa or a yoga studio? You probably miss the unique scent of a treatment room or the soothing background music in a yoga studio. These used to be some of our favorite ways to relax and stay active, but they’re hard to do nowadays. The good news is that many of our favorite experiences have been brought online, letting us do our favorite stress-relieving activities right in the comfort of our homes. 

From interactive yoga and meditation and to fun and calming workshops, here are the best activities you can enjoy as you stay safe at home.



Online Sound Bath Therapy

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A sound bath is a meditative experience that helps you in various ways. Get bathed in ambient sounds and vibrations produced from traditional tools such as singing bowls. It is much more than just your regular spa music; sound baths are known to calm your mind and body, relieve stress, and even improve sleep.

You can experience sound bath through this interactive online therapy via Zoom. Be sure to have your yoga mat ready and dress comfortably for the experience.



Online Power Sound Yoga Class

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Take back control of your body and mind in a class that combines sound healing with physical workout and breathing exercises. Not only will you feel relaxed in a power sound yoga class, but you also get to practice your balance, strength, and flexibility. This is ideal for busy work-from-home individuals who have limited physical activity, or practically anybody who’s suffering from quarantine burnout. 

Take your mat and yoga attire out and book this online power sound yoga class on KKday!



Onsen-Like Home Bath

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The next good thing to do after a yoga practice is to pamper yourself in a hot bath. If you have a bathtub, why not turn it into your own onsen? All you need is some nice bath salt, relaxing body wash, and of course—hot water in your tub! Make the water a little hotter than your usual warm bath to make it feel more like a hot spring. To complete the spa-like ambiance, you can also light scented candles in your bathroom.

Get this natural body wash package from Ayn Skin on KKday!



Scented Candle Making Class

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Crafts are also an effective stress reliever, freeing your mind from work and other nagging worries. So for that scented candle that you need for your spa-like home bath, try making one yourself! 

In this online scented candle making class (taught in Chinese), you’ll learn everything from picking your candle wick, the perfect ingredient ratio, and coloring to shaping your candle using different molds. You’ll also get support from a friendly instructor after the class.



Water Marbling Class

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Painting has been one of the popular relaxing activities during the pandemic. And if you’ve got that creative spirit in you, try something new like water marbling! Express yourself through enigmatic color patterns that you can use to decorate cloths, paper, and even pots. All designs are unique, and you can practice water marbling to personalize your items.

Book this online water marbling class (Mandarin) on KKday now!



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