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Ways to Reconnect With Friends In Time For ‘Friends: The Reunion’

The spirits of fans are surely shaken up and reawakened after the announcement of Friends: The Reunion. The original American sitcom Friends left a huge mark in the lives of many generations, having been with us for ten years since 1994. So there’s no wonder everyone is thrilled to see the six original cast members complete again. Not only has it rekindled our fandom, but it also makes us think of our own friends, especially those with whom we followed the show in our youth. 

That said, isn’t it the perfect time to reconnect with your friends? Given all the new COVID-19 restrictions, you’ll be glad to know there are various ways to bond with friends even from the comfort of your home. Here’s a Friends: The Reunion–inspired get-together with activities you can do with your friends safely!



What You Need for the Best Friends-Inspired Reunion

via Mahrous Houses on Unsplash

Since everything will be done remotely, everyone will need a stable internet connection as well as working PC and audio equipment so you can communicate clearly. 

Next, also essential are videoconferencing and/or watch party apps. Scener is the official watch party partner of HBO, where you can stream and interact with friends at the same time via video, audio, or text chat. Other watch party services that can be used with other video platforms are Teleparty, Metastream, and Twoseven.

via Netflix

Of course, what’s a watch party without snacks? Here are some Friends-themed snacks:



Countdown to ‘Friends: the Reunion’

If you haven’t been in touch with your pals for a while, there’s no better icebreaker than Friends: The Reunion. Count the hours and minutes down to the premiere while catching up. The show will premiere on May 27, 3:01 pm, on HBO GO for Asian viewers. It will also air on the same day, 9 pm, on the HBO channel.

via Friends on Instagram

Now you might be wondering about the show. No, it’s not a Friends sequel, but rather an unscripted special where Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer hark back to the good old days of the show. There’s a lot in store for fans, such as a revisiting of the Friends set, table read of old scripts, behind-the-scenes clips, and special guest appearances! The lineup of guests includes Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, BTS, and James Corden who will do a sit-down interview with the Friends cast.



‘Friends’ Series Marathon

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Friendly caution: it takes roughly 82 hours or 3.5 days (without sleep!) to watch the entire ten seasons of Friends! If you have all that time in your hands, that’ll be great! Otherwise, you and your friends can do a little trivia session and handpick your favorite episodes for a nice nostalgia trip.

You can watch the complete Friends series on Netflix



Friendship Boost With Fun Virtual Activities

via Netflix

Now that the atmosphere is all set for more bonding activities, here are more things you can do with your friends virtually!

  • Dress up as Friends characters.

Show up to your virtual watch party in your favorite character costume. Don’t announce who you are yet—have everybody guess who’s dressing up as who!

  • Play Friends-inspired games.

From The One With the Embryos, play a game of Who Knows Whom Best? where you test how well you know one another. Or, play a Who Said It? game to determine who’s the ultimate Friends fan in your gang!

  • Do worthwhile activities that tap into your creativity.

There are many virtual activities and workshops you can enjoy with friends with similar interests. To make it more fun, attend these online workshops in your Friends-inspired costume:

Organic handmade soap workshop
Floral embroidery hoop art course
Veneer-style clay jewelry workshop
Brush lettering workshop


Find more online experiences and goodies you can share with dear friends on KKday!



*Featured image via Netflix