6 Food Finds To Fuel You Up At Warner Bros. Movie World

Nothing says the ultimate Warner Bros. Movie World experience than trying out every single one of the attractions. But all the moving around can definitely work up an appetite. Don’t fret, because the Gold Coast theme park also serves up some tasty treats that can fuel you up to go for a second or even third round of the fun!

Try out these 6 yummy bites to keep you energized and ready to take on the adventure-filled day at Warner Bros. Movie World! But before you get started, here’s a pro tip: bring your own bottles and fill up at any of the five water stations around the park. Now that you’re good and hydrated, let’s begin!



Carb Load on Some Sangas

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Keep your energy levels high with some good ol’ fashioned sandwiches! Grab a burger loaded with the freshest ingredients at Gotham City Cafe, or try one of the artisan bread sandwiches at Main St. Deli.



Grab a Cheesy, Saucy Slice

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Nothing beats a big slice of pizza, so order one for each hand at Rick’s Pizza Place! Enjoy their classic flavour line-up that’s made fresh daily. Their orders are made to-go, too, so that you can fuel up without stopping!



Bite Into Some Bar Chow

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Take a break from all the walking around and dine in at Dirty Harry Bar & Grill. Sit back and relax at the San Francisco-themed bar, and make sure you grab a drink and some grub! Sample the menu best-sellers, like tacos, burritos, nachos, and more!



Cool Down with Chilly Treats

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Beat the theme park heat with some icy cool, refreshing treats. Head over to Ben & Jerry’s and sample their scrumptious ice cream flavours. Make your way to Sweet Treats for some delicious soft-serve sundaes. Or grab the famous frozen Coke at the Frozen Coke Kiosk.



Get Your Caffeine Fix

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Make sure you keep your energy levels up with a boost of caffeine! Head on over to Village Bean Coffee House for a nice cup of joe. Don’t sleep on their food options, too, and order a snack or a sandwich with your drink.



Watch Out For Seasonal Snacks

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Keep an eye out for some seasonal food outlets, like Santa Fe Dogtown and Wild West Roadhouse. Make sure to give their special hotdogs, burgers, or seafood baskets a try when you can!


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*Featured image via Warner Bros. Movie World