10 Most Unique Ice Cream Flavors You Can Try In Metro Manila

With the sweltering summer heat, it’s the perfect time to explore new and unconventional ice cream pints from the best creameries in town! Fun flavors can cool you down and cheer you up on especially sweaty days at home. From quintessentially Pinoy sorbets to alcohol-infused concoctions, here are 10 weird and wonderful ice cream flavors in Metro Manila for the adventurous foodie.



1. Tinutong Rice Gelato (Manila Creamery)

Tinutong Rice Gelato Manila Creamery
via Manila Creamery Facebook page

What could be more Filipino than rice ice cream? Specifically, tinutong na kanin (burnt rice). This sweet and slightly toasty gelato is one of the mainstays on the Manila Creamery menu. Other unique flavors include Mangga’t Suman, Salted Egg Cheesecake, and Chocnut Crumble, among others. Brown Sugar Milk Tea is also available for milk tea lovers craving a frozen treat. Order via the website.

Manila Creamery
Location: SM Megamall, ATC Corporate Center, and Vertis North
Price: PHP 380 per pint, PHP 1,500 per half gallon
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



2. Green Mango And Bagoong (Sebastian’s Ice Cream)

Green Mango And Bagoong Sebastian’s Ice Cream
via Sebastian’s Ice Cream Facebook page

Another ice cream shop that regularly comes up with yummy Pinoy-inspired flavors is Sebastian’s Ice Cream and its special Green Mango and Bagoong sorbet is a tarty treat crafted with real green mangoes. Made with bagoong from a recipe by Chef Ed Quimson, this flavor captures the sweet, salty, and sour combo that makes this dish such an unbeatable snack for Filipinos!

Other original flavors by the artisanal ice cream shop include Champorado & Dilis, Mangga’t Suman, Sapin-Sapin, and Once In A Blue Moon. The Keso Collection is also currently available. Order via the website or resell partners.

Sebastian’s Ice Cream
Location: Online
Price: PHP 450 per pint, PHP 3,025 per gallon
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



3. Calamansi Pili (Fog City Creamery)

Calamansi Pili Fog City Creamery
via Fog City Creamery Facebook page

Although Fog City Creamery offers a dizzyingly wide array of flavors, the Calamansi Pili is a real standout. The refreshing dessert is perfect for hot summer days with a sweet, mildly tarty flavor and topped with candied pili nuts. Other one-of-a-kind best-sellers include Ensaymada and Biko. Make an order via 0917 883 3344. Pick-up points in Pasig and Makati are available. Orders may also be through The Green Grocer. Get more details here.

Fog City Creamery
Location: Online
Price: PHP 400 per pint
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



4. Davao Meets Bicol (Papa Diddi’s)

Davao Meets Bicol Papa Diddi’s
via Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream Facebook page

Homegrown, handcrafted, heartfelt. This is the promise of Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream through its range of imaginative Pinoy-inspired frozen delights. One of the many gems on the menu is Davao Meets Bicol, which blends Davao’s yummy dark chocolate with Bicol’s signature sili (chili). Playful and chocolate-y with just the right dash of spice, it’s a fun flavor that’s easily addicting. Daily orders are available from 10 AM to 8 PM through the website.

Papa Diddi’s
Location: Maginhawa, SM the Block, Eastwood City, Loyola Heights, Poblacion, South Mall, and Sweet Origins
Price: PHP 345 per pint
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



5. Beer & Chicharon (Carousel Creamery)

Beer & Chicharon Carousel Creamery
via Carousel Cremery Facebook page

There are a whopping 101 flavors on Carousel Creamery’s roster with no shortage of interesting options. Today, our one-of-a-kind pick is the sweet and surprisingly popular Beer & Chicharon, which has tiny chicharon pieces that adds a delightfully salty pop to every bite. The fan-favorite Avocashew is also worth trying! To order, call 09778991010, 09778193038, or 87759092.

Carousel Creamery
Location: 8 Missouri St., San Juan City
Price: PHP 385 per pint, PHP 900 per half gallon, PHP 1500 per gallon
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



6. Cheesy Mamon (Merry Moo)

Cheesy Mamon Merry Moo
via Merry Moo website

If you’ve always loved cheese, Merry Moo’s Cheesy Mamon is a must-try. The best-selling flavor makes cheese ice cream even better by adding bits of buttery mamon to the concoction. Trust us, each mouthful of the salty-sweet dessert is a delight! Other fun Merry Moo flavors include Poprocks and Mallows, Sea Salt Caramel, and Toasted Almond Pineapple. Orders go through the website with same-day delivery available.

Merry Moo
Location: SM Megamall, SM Aura, Podium, Salcedo Market, Legaspi Market
Price: PHP 135 per cup, PHP 370 per pint
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



7. Frankie’s Buffalo Wings (The Lost Bread x Frankie’s)

Frankie’s Buffalo Wings The Lost Bread x Frankie’s
via Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Facebook page

The Lost Bread is known for its winning collaborations, but this one with Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings is one for the books. Somehow, the limited edition milky ice cream is well-balanced with the mild spice of Frankie’s buffalo wings. With the sweet fried sugar crisps in the mix, it almost feels like you’re biting into a cool and refreshing chicken wing! Also a part of The Lost Bread collection are flavors Lily’s Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge, Fun Fair Popcorn, and HawHaw Milk Ice Cream. Make an order via The Lost Bread website.

The Lost Bread
Location: Online
Price: PHP 349 per pint
Website:, Facebook, Instagram



8. Shoyu Caramel (Kurimu)

Shoyu Caramel Kurimu
via Kurimu Facebook page

Imagine, Kikkoman soy sauce as ice cream. Kurimu takes on the challenge and creates an instant hit with Shoyu Caramel. The sweet and savory frozen dessert is perfect for foodies who love Japanese cuisine with its rich caramel notes and the unmistakable hint of umami. Other great flavors from Kurimu include Chai Latte, Black Sesame, and Red Bean. Order via the website.

Location: Online
Price: PHP 420 per pint
Website:, Facebook



9. Sili (1st Colonial)

Sili 1st Colonial
via 1st Colonial Facebook page

Get a spicy kick with 1st Colonial Grill’s famous Sili ice cream. The sweet-and-spicy flavor has been gaining renown for years with fans able to choose from four spiciness levels, depending on their preference and tolerance. The Albay restaurant also offers other bizarre but yummy flavors, like Malunggay, Pili, and Tinutong Na Bigas. Message on Instagram for orders.

1st Colonial
Location: Online
Price: PHP 95 per cup, PHP 325 per pint, PHP 790 per half gallon
Website: Instagram, Facebook



10. Bourbon Custard With Candied Bacon (Tipsy Cream)

Bourbon Custard With Candied Bacon Tipsy Cream
via Tipsy Cream Manila Facebook page

Alcohol-infused ice cream, anyone? It’s a sweet boozy treat that’s double the fun—and a refreshing wind-me-down for these scorching summer days. Awesome flavors include Bourbon Custard With Candied Bacon, Hot Chocolate Brandy, and Strawberry Vodka. If you want to stay sober, there are also non-alcoholic flavors available—but where’s the fun in that? Contact Tipsy Cream on Facebook for orders. Delivery via Food Panda is also available.

Tipsy Cream Manila
Location: Online
Price: PHP 390 per pint (alcohol-infused flavors)
Website: Facebook



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*Featured photo via Sebastian’s Ice Cream, Fog City Creamery, and 1st Colonial Facebook pages