5 Unique Virtual Tours You Can Experience At Home

The recent tightening of the Covid-19 measures in Singapore may have dampened our spirits. But thank goodness for technology, we can now ‘travel’ the world without actually travelling the world. Witness the release of your own Sky Lantern in Taiwan, offer prayers to the famed Four-faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, or visit the world-renowned Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow right in the comforts and safety of your home!



Virtual Tour: Travel the World in 20 days

A New Way To The World! |  via KKday Supplier

No visas, expensive plane tickets, accommodation, jetlag, and quarantine! Yes, that’s right, you can now travel the world in 20 days hassle-free! Explore the sights & sounds of Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, France, and Hong Kong right from your home. 

Pro Tip: One ticket is all you need to share this world trip with your family; super value-for-money!

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Virtual Experience: Taiwan’s Sky Lantern Release

Taiwan’s Sky Lantern Release Virtual Tour  |  via KKday Supplier

Can’t make your way to Taiwan but still want to experience the iconic Pingxi Sky Lantern release? No problem. Launch a Sky Lantern with your well wishes on it and witness the beautiful moment it gets released into the sky…your wishes may just come true! That’s not all! Materials used for the lanterns are eco-friendly so burning does not cause pollution. You’re welcome, mother Earth!

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Virtual Temple Tour: Merit & Wish Making at Yi De Tang in Bangkok

Virtual Temple Tour at Yi De Tang in Bangkok  |  via KKday Supplier

Vesak Day is upcoming and you can now make your merits virtually too! This meaningful tour allows you to make contributions to the temple so unclaimed bodies can receive coffins to rest their souls. Learn about the coffin donation tradition and the work of Ruamkatanyu Foundation and participate in the traditional praying ceremony for blessings and good fortune.

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Virtual Prayer Session: Erawan Shrine Four-faced Buddha

Erawan Shrine Four-faced Buddha  |  via KKday Supplier

Pray at the renowned Erawan Shrine virtually as our Thai guides offer the prayers on your behalf. The virtual prayer session will begin with your written prayers presented to the Four-Faced Buddha alongside your purchased offerings including flowers, candles, and fruits, followed by a traditional dance performance to express gratitude for your blessings.

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Virtual Tour: Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow

Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow Virtual Tour  |  via KKday Supplier

Are you a lover of all things outer space? You can now explore this well-known museum’s exhibits via an interactive virtual tour on Zoom. Allow museum experts to take you on discovery of the Soviet space history and gain insights on International space programs from the USA, Europe, China, and the International Space Station!

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